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  1. @blackdog Haha. Like that last 5 maps I've started for practice purposes in the last year I've been learning?
  2. Nice look Squad. I'm a new Hammer mapper. Been learning for a year now. Here's a few pics of my "1st" map. Meaning 1st to finish through to completion. More here if ya like: http://imgur.com/a/hgpvL
  3. Hello. New here. Been learning Hammer for almost a year now. Looking for layout feedback before moving forward. I do this for fun. But would like to at least learn how to do it well. Testing Wed 1/11/17 2pm CST w Waffle. Screens: http://imgur.com/a/hgpvL Steam Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=814333815 edit: updated skybox and light_environment settings. have a few areas with dark shadows (only 1 may affect spotting from defending B route from T - guess I'm too lazy to fix atm?). I believe it is a texture issue, as even though I used dev textures, I didn't texture correctly for every little thing, just kinda slapped and go.
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