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  1. https://imgur.com/EGLKxiy Only getting half my map with TAR Generator. Squidski verified the vmf file over on SE discord. Said it should be working, didn't find anything wrong. Any help is appreciated. Edit: Issue has been fixed. Talking with Terri and he had the camera set to 1024u above and below blue line in Hammer. Moved map within this area and TAR now works fine. Terri will also change the coding to encompass a larger area. Thank you.
  2. You got rid of the window behind the stairs? How could you? Cool looking map. Gives me a GTA vibe.
  3. Nice work @Roald out of curiosity, how long has this taken so far? I map as a leisurely hobby and have been working on 1 map for over a year now, and still working on the basic greybox. Looks nice. I'll check it out when it's released for sure.
  4. @Jiro Nicely done. Just watched the Waffle play test a few days ago. Dig the map. I'll look for it's release.
  5. de_renovation v4.2 - CSGO/WIP Imgur Album of current CSGO project. Rough grey box stage. Cleaning up clutter and readability issues at the moment. Screens are low res as I play on lowest setting possible and didn't jpeg capture. Some texture issues with some parts going black. You can see them in some of these shots. Any feedback welcome. I have a feedback request thread on this main section with Steam link. Thank you.
  6. @yausoku Thanks man. Appreciate it. Good finds. I have some ideas for B from feedback on reddit. I'm kind of new to CS and map more than I play. "there's a spot on B where you can stand that let's you you see the main T entrance to B with little of yourself showing. i'm not sure if this was intended or not but i definitely don't think it's a fair spot nor should it exist." That is actually the secondary route for T. Slower by 3-5sec, if I remember correctly. The wall you see over will be closed up on both sides. From B behind the truck and booth you can see all the way to the down ramp for that route. Since I'm not a seasoned player, I can tell my clipping sucks. Never would have thought to jump to the wall at CT mid entrance. What do you think about the mid being open for CT to watch rotation? Some maps have it, some don't. And adding a timed link route from CT spawn to B site? I've thinking about it since the original map. Not sure if it would be too much. Thanks for your time. Happy you liked the map.
  7. Hello, been 8 months since my play test. Here is an update to the map after reviewing feedback. Currently seeking feedback on readability, game play. Need some new eyes so I can see what can be change and/or fixed before next play test. Thank you. Edits: .bsp file updated 8/30/17 re sub for current version screens updated 8/31/17 - changed time of day as well Screens: OV: Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1118766272
  8. WhatGrenadeWhere


    @grapen Wow. Just did a run through w/ bots. Amazing map. Great detail. Easy to learn layout and awesomely simple bomb sites. Pat yourself on the back.
  9. Map is looking great @Roald. How did the 2nd play test go?
  10. I was very excited about SnapMap until I got DooM and found out it only supports 2v2 max for PvP. Haven't touched it since sadly. But that does look really cool.
  11. That is a sick ass map. Simplicity at it's finest.
  12. Mean Street - Was gonna be a Hostage map. But this was maybe a few months into learning Hammer for first time. Scale is way off. Didn't feel right. I may try to rework it later. Don't know.
  13. That's hilarious man. It does look like a cat face. The map looks great, but could use different types of texture theme. It blends together. Basically too much brick. Other than that looks nice man.
  14. I started learning Hammer (CSGO) at age 39 a year ago for fun. Friends and family say to go do that for a living. I don't want to work 10-14+ hour days on something I may not enjoy. It would definitely kill my thirst for making my own thing at home. That's some nice work though. Now that I know what goes into just making a map, I now appreciate games that I play, even on PS4, from a different perspective. Though I'm no pro. What games do ns2 make, if I may ask?
  15. I think some brain cells died. For some reason when I try to edit my last post, I don't have any options for regular text, like this. Or am I just retarded?
  16. @Thewhaleman That's one big ass cock of gold, lol. I gotta snag the pic and send it to Eight Thoughts (YouTuber). Looks nice though. And the chicken fish. Hilarious. How's Rooftops coming along? @Radu Are there many online players for that game? I think I have it but stopped playing because I couldn't find matches.
  17. @Castle That looks awesome. Does GZ come with DooM 2? If so... Once I conquer CSGO mapping. @Jonny Phive Hey, I used to live in Ventura, few blocks off the Ave near the little poker room. Oh, and the map looks really nice man. How's C Street? Still good surf?.
  18. @Yanzl Hi. I'm new to Hammer. About a year in. What does this VMT Editor exactly do, if you don't mind explaining?
  19. Nice. Looks a bit better. You still have a hole in the ceiling in Mid. Still not sure if that is intentional. I like the arches at A. I'll take a look in game soon.
  20. Hello. I'm new here. I have some feedback. I colored the OV. White Line to B: Seems like an unnecessary long line of sight. Maybe re route along the Blue Lines to B and get rid of the section below the White line. Orange Boxes at B: Possible cover points. Maybe add another train track and box car, some work vehicles? And the CT route straight to B is quit boring and long. Feels like the map is a tad too wide? Green Box at Mid: Is the current battle area for Mid. If you rotate the shelves along the Red Box and pull back the orange wall on CT side. It will open the Mid up and give CT a bit more option. Right now, T can set up in the bottom right corner and wait for CT to come around that bend. The underground section isn't needed. Didn't use it once. But keep the stairs at Mid on CT side. Hope this helps.
  21. @El Moroes Looks great to me. I like the setting there, Dude-erino.
  22. @Terri Are your play tests for finished maps or a vast array of maps in progress? Would I get a 400+ ping from the US, West Coast?
  23. @Roald You got almost 3 maps going at the same time? Dang. You do great brush work. I'm just getting comfortable with arches and smooth rounding. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to seeing Station and Armory completed.
  24. @catfood As a new CS mapper, just from the OV, the map looks like it has too much going on. Then again, could be the noob Hammer in me. edit: after a bot play test, T spawn seems to force you to A, instead of a quick A, B or Mid option. I like the theme and the textures. There's a couple of brush railings for stairs that are too high, both on A side of map. Far right stairs from T up to A and CT spawn left arch to A. Feels like the map needs to tighten up with less paths.
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