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  1. gz.

    Aerospace (Alpha)

    yay I made the kv file really early on and I'm happy someone noticed. thank you
  2. gz.

    [CS:GO] de_work (WIP)

    New update! Lots of semi-Final detailing at T spawn; Major layout changes at A and the A to mid connector, Clipping Fixes, others that I cant remember.
  3. gz.

    [CS:GO] de_work (WIP)

    Thanks, do you have anything that you think would make the map better?
  4. gz.

    [CS:GO] de_work (WIP)

    Hi Mapcore! I am trying to get as much feedback as I can for my first defusal map. Workshop My profile Picture Album Bugtracker Overview Thank you for your time!
  5. Yeah, I restarted my PC and it seemed to work, I just forgot to come back here and say that Thanks everyone for helping
  6. Wait, you have the same issues as me when you change the texture scale? Yeah its really annoying because its inconsistent
  7. I think the problem might be because I disabled texture lock when using overlays to try to get them to align, I don't know.
  8. My texture scale isnt edited, just the position was changed Another gif
  9. Yes it does happen without it selected, its also really inconsistent
  10. ? Look when I get close, the texture changes position. If you want a better gif i'll provide
  11. This just started today and it's getting really annoying, anyone know a fix? Restarting hammer doesn't work, and this also happend in another map of mine, but it wasn't a real problem Edit: if you cant see whats wrong, look at the texture when I get close, it changes position. (The texture is fine when the map is compiled, but is hard to work with in hammer)
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