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  1. Office Freakout is a video game being developed by Hollow Robot LLC, a new game company. Office Freakout is currently on Steam Greenlight for voting to receive consumer feedback. check out steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=712015918 It is a first person shooting destruction based game. You are a character named Philbert and the objective of the game is to simply punch, pick up, throw and simply destroy anything and everything in your office on a time limit. During this time you gain hundreds of thousands of points. The more you rage and destroy the more points you get. Afterwords you are fired and depending on the level of your destruction Philbert will either be Suspended or Fired. The game contains a customize-able system which allows you to unlock many things such as character skins, office customization, power ups, levels and your pick of a rage weapon that has fictionally over the top mechanics. The game is still in development, but should be complete and available on Steam in a matter of weeks once greenlit. https://twitter.com/officefreakout
  2. thanks for making this platform for indie devs!!!
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