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  1. abc

    [TF2] DEWM

    This looks fantastic! Might I ask how many hours you put into it? I'm trying to get a feel for what a reasonable time limit is for a finished map.
  2. I have the same issue with the purple and black / checkered textures -- as of now my plan is to replace them all at the last minute before submitting. If anyone has a solution it would be much appreciated.
  3. Are you launching hammer with the .exe or the .bat? When I was getting crashes in Hammer it was due to the VPROJECT environment being set incorrectly -- which the .bat file resolves each time.
  4. @XanthiEdbeere is now called "Morgentau", and includes pretty extensive layout changes. (visuals are very much WIP though). I've renamed the bsp and workshop item, but this shouldn't effect subscribers (hopefully). Please let me know if there are any issues: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=793026241
  5. My understanding is that mat_specular 0 disables reflections. Therefore, the only time you would see an issue is if you ran buildcubemaps while there were already existing cubemaps for the map - in which case you would see reflections within your reflections.
  6. My map crashes occasionally when running locally too, but after significant digging I'm pretty sure it's due to bot errors and not the map itself. Are you running it with bots?
  7. You should make that a whole level, I want to play it
  8. I had that problem constantly when I first started using DOI hammer. The solution was to use hammer.bat instead of the exe. The bat file ensures that your VPROJECT registry value is set each time -- in my case it kept trying to use VPROJECT values from other mods.
  9. @SOSA would you mind sharing your light_environment brightness and ambient values? The screenshots look great and is pretty much the feel I am trying to get in my level, but yours somehow looks a lot crisper.
  10. Wow, in my memories MOHAA was so much more detailed and realistic than those screenshots. Hah. Still an amazing game though.
  11. I'm really digging this one. Haven't played it yet but just from watching the stream I have a really good feeling about it, especially the layout. Looking great so far.
  12. Played this yesterday and had a lot of fun - it's obviously still in the early stages but I have a good feeling about the layout. The field that the allies approach from has a very epic feel to it, as does the whole map in general. Only thing that feels is a little off is that some of the areas just feel a little too big and far apart, but I think that's something that will be solved as you add more detail and cover to the streets.
  13. Much of my original inspiration and reference materials were from here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Strawbery_Banke (the map setting is a fictional german invasion of the east coast of the US) The name is an homage to that. I looked up the German word for strawberry and it sounded like a cool word, so that was the extent of my naming decision. Having said that, I haven't ruled out changing the name, and input from a native german speaker is helpful Does it sound too silly?
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