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  1. Why do people only care about visually good maps here?
  2. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=680185275 A beutiful half-greybox release of De Solide (formally known as de_gesteente) is finally out for testing! Mission Briefing: A small suburb in France has been infected with illegal explosive trade. Join the terrorist organization and prevent the investigation from gaining any ground, or join Counter Terrorists and defend the two explosive evidence staches Please tell if you can find bugs, exploits or overall balance choices that made no sense to you. (Please do not post bombstuck spots, they're easy to fix)
  3. If you have brightness at max, the map feels foggy... 5: The black doors contrast to the map is too big, every player is drawn towards them like a fly to a lantern. In other words, they're too clean.
  4. http://imgur.com/a/JqpK7 First two pics are in A site, you can see and shoot thru it, there is no collision on the model at the end.. Last pic, A site symbol misleads. I think you should change the arrow to point at right.
  5. Hey these are my thoughts on the tactical/balance side of the map A site seems too easy easy to hold; T:s have thousands of little corners and spots to check, whilst incapable to smoke off any of them and CT:s only needing to turn their heads and take one step to hold another entrance added to the fact that T:s have no cover when entering the site. You could easily fix this by making the site have windows/skylights to throw nades into, now there is no reason to take A site as T without CT spawn control. Middle (The small door room) is incredible bad to attack and defend: You need one sniper to hold long A whilst still having someone to look at the door room, which is incredible hard to pull off because if the player dies in middle, player holding long A is doomed: they can't look at long A anymore or they get flanked, and watching middle is impossible with sniper as it is clearly close ranged. Add that to the fact that there is no cover for CT:s holding aggressively, forces the CT:s to play close to the trains, making it useless to fight for the control of long A in end of the round as T:s have simply too many spots to be at, making it too risky to peek there. I would recommend adding some cover for CT players in long A. B site is the most balanced site I have ever seen! Every tactic and every nade has it's counters and weaknesses. Nice job! Although I think you should connect Long and short B somehow, now it takes too long to rotate from one path to another. Also the railings in rafters should not have collisions with bullets and nades, it's hard to throw nades to rafters and the bullet blocking can be annoying. Overall: The map does not have rush site, making eco rounds very easy to lose as terrorists, whom have to take long, very nade based routes to sites where CT:s can control every area with their sniper rifles and Molotov cocktails. Also, change door prop to more worn out model, it looks way too good for it's surroundings. Move Spawns equally outwards, T spawn gives no actual reason for players to take the longer route to A, it looks so useless that I am sure many will totally ignore it, as it does not move you inwards in the battle. PS: What train model you used on this map? I would like to use it too!
  6. W T F If this is not in next operation I will blow up Valve Headquarters! As a terrorists that is. Also turn the layout 45 degrees, it looks stupid when it is like that...
  7. Thank you for all the feedback. I am working on making B site more closer to A site, although it is very hard, underground is the biggest concern. I try to make the balance between rotation speed and safety, but I agree on point of it being too slow (not as much as 25 seconds though, more like 20+ secs) What comes for B site, T:s are so slow to get to the site that CT:s can rush too much, so I added the windows to force CT:s to hold back or smoke the windows in order to push, but when doing so, T:s know what CT:s are up to, it worked fine on 1v1:s For the empty space, I only understand spawns for being such, other parts of the map have always a meaning or stuff in them, I don't want the map to feel to claustrophobic, but If you feel so I have to work on that too. And thanks for telling me that dropwindow fact, will add some plywood to delete some jumps.(I can't make the floor higher or drop lower, or roof is too low and the map feels off) For what comes to direct photos, I did not even realize I did not post them. I had imgur gallery of better layout screenshots, not sure where it went out to. Thanks for telling me it's missing. (I rather use SDK to take screenshots, as I can hide everything I don't need to see, whilst your choice can help, it's way easier and faster to do it my way for start)
  8. Tynnyrimpi

    De_forlorn WIP

    I mean my map still has 0 comments but + 41 views...
  9. Tynnyrimpi

    De_forlorn WIP

    How everyone tests your map?
  10. De_caravan is map based on train line's final stop, loading station and train repair station, where two full fuel tankers have stopped, and taken the attention of both criminals and polices. Terrorists Try to destroy fuel tanks and the whole station with it, while Counter-Terrorist forces try to defend both fuel tankers. I need feedback on everything but out-of bounds glitches. Thank you. (Also the map name could be changed to something more, fitting and unique... Steam link
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