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  1. Hi guys and gals! So it has been a couple of months since the release of the Common People pack. Good times We had a summer holiday in July and now back around the forge. AND IT'S HOT! Browsing through the Asset Store we noticed that there are not that many options when looking for toonish or cartoony military characters (however there are good ones!). So we decided to follow our guts, take the high road and make one of our own in the Supercyan way. We'll be working on Character Pack: Military for a couple of weeks still and publish it into the Asset Store in th
  2. Best gamedevs, greetings! We are new to MapCore and I wanted to open up a single thread for our stuff in order to simplify things and keep the Services forum clean. Supercyan is a team of professional game developers residing in Finland. We aim to arm gamedevs of all sorts with professional grade assets and tools for faster deliveries and with less headache. High quality, ease-of-use and good support is our mantra. We just released our first character pack in the Unity Asset Store called Common People (here: http://u3d.as/vS2) - I made a post about it earlier. Before we head ou
  3. Character Pack: Common People Character pack of 8 common people made in a colorful, fun style with 21 animations. Great for mobile, web and PC projects! YouTube demonstration video Features Perfect character pack for populating game cities, used as NPCs, spectators, bystanders or what ever you desire! A complete character solution containing 8 fully textured, rigged and animated low poly character models All character models are mecanim humanoid compatible offering greater compatibility Includes 21 high quality animations so you can make the
  4. Hi everyone! New to the forum - looks pretty active in here, nice! My name is Janne and I'm representing Supecyan. We are creating professional grade assets and tools for game developers of all shapes and sizes. Our stuff is carefully designed, handcrafted, tested and updated. Coming from game development ourselves, we know what it takes You can find us mainly in the Unity Asset Store. I'll be posting our stuff under the Employment -> Services subforum so do check it out time to time. If you like what we are doing, do follow us on Twitter to get the latest news, updates and
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