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  1. Updated to version 1.1 with new flag drop sound, instance settings & few bugfixes.
  2. Of course, I was thinking about a simple rotating question mark. I suppose that'd be intuitive.
  3. Random power-up is definitely possible. Jump boost can be implemented in 2 ways: Either through lowering player's personal gravity modifier (easy way), or giving them additional upwards speed boost on jump. The second option is somewhat harder to implement, but for now I think it's feasible to intercept player_jump event and find out if it belongs to player with active jump boost. Armor pick-up which gives less than full armor is harder. Thing is, I initially planned to have several armor pick-ups - just like with health. But then I found out that I cannot modify armor amount directl
  4. LCZ Mod Current version: 1.1, Last update: 29 Aug 2016 Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mod which brings classic UT & Quake DM & CTF mechanics into the game Download links at the bottom The mod is aimed at mappers and players interested in fast-paced arena shooters and offers an easy, standartized way to build maps using mechanics and elements found in these games. Almost all of the game logic is handled using original Squirrel 2 (VScript) framework. These scripts and other resources of LCZ Mod are then included into the BSP file, allowing your CTF or DM map to
  5. Hello~ I'm here to create a thread on a small CS:GO gamemode I've been working on.
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