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  1. yup! They have a super nice aesthetic going on, only a handful of different "themes" for assets atm but they look great. It reminded me a lot of some stylized tf2 jump maps so I had to start making one haha
  2. working on a jump map for Diabotical, editor took some time to get used to but it's rather intuitive, can't wait until it's all fully finished! here's my spawn / first jump
  3. I really dig this map man, I love the layout and the visibility is fantastic.
  4. Are DOOM snapmaps allowed to be posted here? using custom geo of course. Need more hell levels! ...and Baron sacrifices
  5. xzi

    Resistance 3 Generator

    That detailing looks like it's coming along very nicely, good job dude
  6. xzi

    The random model thread!

    Made this low-poly Arcade Machine over the weekend. I'm still very new to modeling and what's mostly kept me away is texturing anything, but I managed to do this without tutorials so yay. Also posted it on Sketchfab so you can get a better look if you want.
  7. Loving Snapmap so far actually, I expect a Halo Forge job on it but they went pretty in-depth compared to what I expected. As far as the game.. Good lord it is difficult on the hardest difficulty haha. I'm getting 1shot by just about everything and I LOVE it. It's just constant chaos and the soundtrack is ace. What more could you want from Doom?
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