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  1. That’s great feedback, thanks for taking the time :)
  2. Link: https://georgeplatten.wixsite.com/leveldesign -------------------- Hey guys my portfolio is final finished if you have any feedback please give it to me i wont be offended thank you
  3. Our Cyberpunk Game Demo Level Screenshots Made in Unity
  4. just got round to seeing these and yeah thank you to both of you cleared some stuff up for me
  5. What I'm wondering is there certain design terms for different style maps for example counterstrike map design normally follows "three lane map design" and games like gears of war normally follows "symmetrical layouts"are there other naming conventions for other types of layouts
  6. thank you very much currently where in beta testing atm for our project and once the game is done in three weeks will post gameplay and trailer thank you again for the kind words
  7. Me (Level Designer) and a couple of friends are making a fps game for university project (we have 12 weeks to make it). This is a small art pass on our apartment scene. the rest of the game is still currently getting made including city areas and mechanics hope you guys like it
  8. Hello Everyone im currently doing my dissertation on guiding players using level design. Im needing some research and was wondering if any of you kind people could tell me some tips on how you guide players in your levels, eg like lighting, colour etc and maybe give a example's of when you used it and how. have a nice day and thank you for anyone who answers.
  9. PlattenG

    What I'm Working On

    im in such ore of this map, should be really proud all of you who worked on it.
  10. This is my first Official map for csgo its a 1 VS 1 up to 3 Vs 3 aim map. Im in the middle of play testing atm then going into detailing after. The inspirations for this map are Mirrors Edge. Im a second year university student so im still learning all feedback feel free thanks allot everyone This is my inspiration and want to Detail it similar
  11. This is one half of my Diablo esc room for my university project (now with modular assets in) just need a second art pass on it now (all feedback would be apricated)
  12. i watched the trailer and it looks amazing is it more psychological horror then anything ?
  13. making 1.6 maps for the mod classic offensive ? Could be a possibility or I think doing tf2 would be a really good idea
  14. we have the character top down (well pretty much) to the point you cant see the roof like a diablo style camera
  15. ClockWork Temple i have been working on for a Zelda esc game for university (all feedback would be helpful)
  16. watch his dark souls video really recommend it https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCyhnYIvIKK_--PiJXCMKxQQ
  17. I found this funnier then it actually is
  18. Heared good things about the game but the last games player base died off quickly and especially being placed between cod and battlefield it could happen again so I'm not sure if I should buy it
  19. What are some of the best maps ever made from games Halo - Valhalla cod 4 - crash quake - the longest yard
  20. I'm only 20 but I played quake 3 as a young lad on my laptop and to this day this map is one of the best things I have ever played on how can something so simple be so fun
  21. Question is has it aged well in terms of gameplay
  22. I total agree for games it has been a amazing year cant complain really one bit
  23. Very good shout I totally forgot about doom
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