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  1. I hope I am to find this in map
  2. reminds me of crappy counter strike knockoffs I used to being playing as child I suppose it's Chinese tradition to poorly copy games, but I'm not sure who is playing these because even Chinese people I know are playing real overwatch not this garbage
  3. oh wow, this is making me think I am going to purchase some chinese knock-off clothings too!
  4. otoya

    de_colosseum [WIP]

    considering many interesting areas to rome, why is this open area what you want to recreate in particular? perhaps a mix of the more modern streets opening up to historical sites that fit in csgo gameplay (not too open)
  5. Well that is what I meant by "creative liberties". Browning M1918 was only used for three months in first world war, as for many other machine guns, they are simply too difficult to be operated by a single man as consequence of their great weight. However it is Battlefield, so you are probably correct in thinking DICE will make players able to use such large machine guns, as with their games they seem to neglect history. But fact is for someone knowledgeable of first world war, it will appear grossly unrealistic. I will still play and enjoy though.
  6. Nice to meet you. I am a student, interested in computer games. Sooner or later, I want to make a game. I'm still bad at speaking English, but want to have a new friends
  7. Well, you see in that sort of early war, automatic small arms such as 1911 weren't commonly issued among soldiers, and of course only for Americans. Machine guns were present, but not very mobile and often stayed in one place. So I am thinking it is probably correct in assuming it would be mostly bolt action rifles, but the development team may take some creative liberties.
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