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  1. It really makes me sad to read some of the the comments here to be honest. I think we have been quite transparent with the maps history. But here is the more detailed story: We set out to make a map in 2016 in very different circumstances. Operations were a thing back then, and new maps were included in the game from time to time. In 2017 there was a mapcore contest we thought we might enter as we thought the map might be finished by then. It turned out that we would not be able to finish in time and did not want to rush things. So we continued to work on the map with continuous playtesting (playtests were often streamed btw) and adding visual upgrades. 2018 and 2019 were hectic years for both of us but slowly the map was nearing it's final state that rman was pleased with. As there were no operations in the last few years and not many maps are included in the game anymore the only reason for us to still continue this project was to present a map to the community that is visually pleasing and plays well at the same time. This is when I read about the contest and contacted FMPONE and I asked if it is okay to enter the contest with that background. He said it's okay and that is why we did enter in the first place. So the idea that we were secretly developing a map just to enter it into this mapcore contest is ridiculous. Also I do not know why are we accused of publishing the map under different accounts and hiding projects. The map was always published by rman as he is the one doing the heavy lifting. I merely do the playtesting and was always listed as a contributor.
  2. They are scanned and inverted scetches rman made on paper with a pencil.
  3. Zenith is finally published! Hope you guys like it. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1855652898
  4. We have been working on a map since years that we would like to enter into the competition, the alpha was released in 2016. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=737386777 Since then we have been playtesting it with a hand picked group of people. And it will hopefully be ready in a few months. This is the concept art for the map: You can find more info here:

    [CSGO] de_ruby

    Pretty awesome stuff! We might have time to playtest it in a few weeks. But at the rate it is advancing it might be ready by then I like how the corridors got widened, I think it makes for better gameplay, mid changed for the better as well. The scenery is just stunning. The only thing that bothers me still is that thing on B short that splits the route in two. It makes fights there a bit awkward there, not really sure what is the purpose of it

    [CSGO] de_zenith (WIP)

    To be honest it did not have the impact we were hoping for. It seems the more important thing is a well made minimap for the radar

    [CSGO] de_zenith (WIP)

    The reddit community night playtest has provided us with some valuable data to think about. Players seem to prefer the A site more than B. Also the catwalk was the spot go to spot for T-s to get frags. Changes will be made to make the A site a bit more CT friendly to steer the terrorists more to the mid and B area. Also a few minor adjustments will be tested in the new version. We will see how this affects gameplay and than there might be a change to the catwalk area as well.

    [CSGO] de_zenith (WIP)

    de_zenith (bomb/defuse) Workshop link "Zenith is a western European, high altitude observatory initially built in the late 1960s. Later expanded and modernized over the past decades." We have been experimenting with this map for five months now. Playtesting and refining it. This is the first public playtest version as we are getting close to creating the final looks of the map. r.man the mastermind behind St Gellert is making the environment art for de_zenith and I am in charge of the layout and playability. We would love to have your feedback on the map, at this point mostly about how it feels and plays. Our goal was to create a map layout that has a lot of connectivity and a lot of options. The map consists mostly of large open fight yards (A site and mid) and an alternative option (B) if you prefer close quarters combat. At this point A and B both have two entrances, but if the terrorists manage to win mid control that will open up an additional route to both sites and the CT start. The mid to B option is the safest choice after achieving mid control, but terrorists can attempt to flank A or capture the CT start to cut off rotations. Most of the CSGO maps are CT sided, so we tried to shift balance toward the T side, as CTs always have a lot more room to work with and will figure out a way to defend effectively anyway. Here is a playtest session and some pictures with the placeholder textures that also help the players to navigate on the map.
  9. Hi, I do a lot of playtesting with my team, if you ever need the map playtested please let me know.




  10. KODIAK

    [CS:GO] Concert

    Fair enough
  11. KODIAK

    [CS:GO] Concert

    @Skybex I think the boosts are okay, they are not op at all but still give some advantage. My only concern is that in a 1v1 situation, it is nearly impossible for the T-s to cover all entrances to the rescue zone. In most Hostage maps if you get to a 1v1 as a T, you still have a chance to win by defending the rescue area.
  12. KODIAK

    [CS:GO] Concert

    Loved this map, I hope it makes the new operation! Playtested it and it was fun Well done! I also put it into my showcase video:
  13. hi, we playtested your map, it played pretty well

    you can check it out here:


    1. Motanum


      Oh sweet! I will take a look at it! 

    2. Motanum


      Hey Kodiak! So grateful you playtested my map. Just wondering if you would comment a bit on the map as I don't speak the language you all speak in the video.

      So far, I have done some changes that I think are good. For example, you guys barely used Vent, and that is gone now. A Behind the scene corridor was also removed which just added confusion, which incidentally you experienced at one point of the game. Also got some extra ideas to boost up a bit T sniping through middle. 

      By far the biggest change was made to lockers, now its dig site. And it turns supplies and B side into a long corridor that can be watched by a CT player. You guys barely rushed B which is very effective, so that is why I think it went very balanced. Had you guys executed more rush B, I think you'd found a more T sided score. That also means that B is closer to middle now, and thus gift to locker connection is shorter now. Yet by placement of the scaffold system, Going connector is slightly longer than going through long B.

      You can see the changes on my blog post and read them if you are interested (Or just look at the pictures). For now, that version is not available for public testing as there are still loads of tweaks and fixes I have to tackle out.

      Thanks again for the playtest! I greatly appreciate it!

    3. KODIAK



      To be honest in my oppinion the map played very well even on 5on5 which I didnt expect at first given the size of the map. We didnt try too many B rushes thats for sure, so that might be a problem. I wonder what the changes will bring to the gameplay. I will be checking back and if you have a workshop link for the new version we will give it a go again and test it :)

      If you want to make A a bit more appealing, you might want to open up a few smoke throwing spots so T-s could isolate the site. Now it is pretty hard to do. But that is just an idea :P It might not work out.

      I think it was a good yhoice to remove the vent and the Behind the scenes corridor.

      one more thing, we mistook the cat on the counter in the shop for an enemy many times :)

      You might consider putting that one back on the shelf to avoid the confusion unless that is intetntional ;)

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