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  1. What is the point of a game that portrays what it forces you to do as evil? Is Naughty Dog going to give up violent games after this? Anything less just makes TLOU2's themes moot. Game makes you do extreme violence -> Game shows how that extreme violence is senseless and how hero characters are monsters to others -> Game continues to make you do extreme violence and tell you how bad it is (despite them deliberately making several elements of killing quite flashy) -> Naughty Dog continues making violent games with tons of killing (probably, unless they do change). What is the point? How does that make any sense at all? It's the age old meme in games of "can't you see what we force you to do is wrong??" It's like: Yes! Yes! This is all wrong! Why do you make me do it then? Just stop making these games if the message is that these actions are wrong! It's entirely contradictory.
  2. Sat down two hours ago and just now finished up Final Hours -- so cool! Such a neat way to share all the information Geoff harvested. The interactive elements are pretty sweet. Great to get a glimpse into what Valve has been up to for the last decade behind closed doors. A.R.T.I. has my interest piqued!
  3. Looking forward to the first details for this thing! Arkane is my favorite studio -- really happy they still get IP freedom and aren't being delegated "finisher" duties for other Bethesda games. The island environment is gorgeous and I can't wait to see what the art direction geniuses can do with it in real-time.
  4. Was a little disappointed with the environmental simulation
  5. I have about 13 hours in the beta and it is really good. Some shitty teams here and there but not too bad for pub groups. Genji is an absolute blast to play.. love how much the levels open up when you play him (and reflecting Bastion's turret sprays into his stupid, lifeless robot face is great). This is probably already planned no doubt but an art breakdown on some of the environment art in this game would be killer. I was shocked to see how many of the walls have 90 degree corners in the geo but are masked with some clever normal map placement. It sells it very, very well.
  6. Trying to get the hang of a newish level building tool in Unity: SabreCSG. It already seems much better for level design in Unity than the popular ProBuilder as it is volume based so you get subtractive brushes and the clip plane among other things (in ProBuilder everything is constructive so building a window or door-frame is tedious). Sabre is heavily based on Hammer so it makes sense. Not sure what I'm turning this into. Probably will just keep playing with shapes by adding some balconies and interiors that make sense. I think I remember these kind of pipe + steel frame overhangs from Dishonored..
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