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  1. We've made a lot of layout changes since the last post I made here, I just haven't gotten around to posting them on this page -- I'll go over them after our next release. In the meantime, I've been getting started on the detailing grind. Here's a sneak preview...
  2. A workshop version of de_hongkong (still a tentative name) is now available here! We've still got a few known bugs to work out but I'm happy with the overall layout as of now. Click below for more images!
  3. I love the theme! But that rotate time looks scary...
  4. Coming soon to home theaters near you...
  5. gamez7

    [CS:GO] St. Malo

    Now that I've been on a long hiatus from working on this map, I'm taking one more shot at getting its layout as perfect as I can. (It's honestly pretty insane how different the map is now from its earliest iterations back in March. I've definitely learned a lot since then.) Since the last version I've posted on here, all of the entrances to the bombsites have been completely reworked, and I've finally caved on turning the center of the map into a proper Mid area. Hopefully the map can still be unique and fun at the same time with this change. I've also moved T Spawn around from the last playtested version so that the timings at A aren't extremely T-sided anymore. Here's some eye candy for you:
  6. gamez7

    [CS:GO] St. Malo

    After playtesting the map about a month ago I've made some major layout changes once again, removing many awkward vertical angles and super-long sightlines, and adding more cover for CTs to defend with.
  7. gamez7

    [CS:GO] St. Malo

    I've just uploaded an update for the map that takes into account most of the preliminary feedback received. @NikiOo, this update reduces the length of the super long sightline into Bombsite B, moves the CT spawns closer to the bombsites, and adds a structure to Bombsite A that gives defending and rotating CTs more cover, so most of your concerns should be addressed. I haven't done a full playtest yet, but the map should now be ready for that. Thanks for your feedback!
  8. gamez7


    Very excited to see how this turns out, good luck!
  9. gamez7

    [CS:GO] St. Malo

    Click here to see the map on the workshop! St. Malo (de_stmalo) is a classic 5v5 Bomb Defusal map for CS:GO. It's intended for casual and semi-competitive play. I came up with the idea for this map about a week ago and put together this greybox version in three days, and I've detailed the process below. Hope you enjoy! Reference Images For this map I knew I wanted to do a beach theme so I looked around Google Maps for an interesting area on the coast. I found the town of St. Malo in France which is where the map name comes from. Here are some of the images I used to get an idea of what the layout architecture should look like. Layout I wanted this map to also be different from the standard clover-style layouts, while still providing fun gameplay. The T and CT teams spawn diagonally from each other, and the bombsites are relatively close but require rotating players to either travel through the dangerous tunnels at the center of the map or traverse the long spawn areas. Both bombsites are "battle areas", meaning Ts enter the site areas rather easily but must pick off defending CTs in order to get the bomb planted. Here's my initial drawing of Bombsite A and CT Spawn: ...and here's the current layout: Screenshot Gallery Hopefully I can get the kinks of the layout ironed out soon and move on to detailing. Thanks for viewing!
  10. gamez7

    [CS:GO][WIP] de_sanchez

    @jd40 Yeah I agree that the old lighting looks more aesthetically pleasing, but the more yellow lighting is much more normal for a "western" setting IMO.
  11. That 3rd screenshot looks kind of cluttered, but otherwise awesome! I especially like the second to last screenshot.
  12. Now that phobycs is working on this map with me, I think it's time for a big update! Bombsite B has been completely revamped, timings have been refined, and many minor layout changes have been made. Plus, the map looks even cleaner now (if that's even possible!) Workshop link, as always. Overview: Screenshots:
  13. Looks awesome! I am glad this is still being worked on.
  14. gamez7

    [CS:GO][WIP] de_sanchez

    Is there a workshop link for the map? I would like to check it out in-game.
  15. Bombsite A with the new skybox, lighting, and bell tower
  16. First of all, thank you so much for the feedback! Actually, the pictures on the Workshop are from a scrapped version of the map and I haven't updated the screenshots yet. I was going to playtest that version on MapCore last Sunday, but my friends said they actually liked the previous version better so I hastily reverted the files on the Workshop. Would you mind giving me your feedback on the A site from the playtest anyways? I'm assuming you meant A site rather than B here, as there are no double doors at B. Thanks again!
  17. MAJOR UPDATE! de_lombardy_a7 Bombsite A: Bombsite B: Middle: Overview: Download link and changelog
  18. gamez7

    [CS:GO] de_remont

    I just checked this out, and it looks really nice! The map is not detailed yet and the bombsites have a lot of character, so good job on that That said, here are a few comments: CTs get to Bombsite B in 7 seconds white Ts take 13. I could see this making sense if you wanted the chokepoint to be further back towards T spawn, but the path to B from T splits off in two ways so it's kind of weird :/ I would make CT take a few seconds longer to get there. Having Mid control seems useless for Terrorists at the moment. Both paths from Mid lead into another place I could've gotten to if I would've taken the main path from T. I recommend adding a new entrance into Bombsite A that can only be accessed by going through Mid. Additionally, CTs get to Mid pretty fast as well. Because the paths from Mid connect into the main paths from T, this means that the CTs can easily control mid and then flank the Ts without much effort. I believe that this would make the map very CT sided.
  19. gamez7

    [WIP] De_Storage

    This is a great start, but I'd like to give some feedback after checking out the map: CTs get to Bombsite A too quickly. It takes 7 seconds for CT to rush to A, and 13 seconds for T. I would recommend raising the time for CTs to get there to about 10 seconds. Both teams get to Bombsite B fairly quickly as well, with CTs taking 8 seconds and Ts taking 9. You should increase both team's times to get to this bombsite Bombsite B, and to a lesser extent, Bombsite A, are very small. You should make them larger. Many of the hallways are way too narrow. You can keep some hallways like this, but most should be a lot wider. Use cs_office as a reference for about how wide the hallways should be and I think that will make the map feel less cramped. In Ladder room, use a ladder prop rather than a ladder made of brushes. It will look much more realistic and you can always change the model later. The dropdown on the CT side of Tunnel is very random. You can crouch jump on top of it, so it is pretty pointless. If you want to keep it you should raise the height, but I recommend removing it altogether as it doesn't look realistic. Overall the map is a bit too small and feels closed in and claustrophobic, but if you implement most of the suggested changes then I think it will be larger and feel a lot more open.
  20. I have done a few small tests already, and I doubt I will be changing the T Spawn area layout any more so I decided to start detailing it. I agree with you, though, and I'm not going to do any detailing around Mid or the Bombsites yet until a lot more testing has been done.
  21. Currently I'm basing it off Bergamo, Italy. Here's some pictures of the detailing I've just started: T Spawn: Outside T Spawn: It's pretty bare at the moment but eventually it'll look complete!
  22. This is my first CS:GO map, de_lombardy! Right now it's basically just a layout but once it gets tested and tweaked, it'll have an Italian theme. Any and all feedback is highly appreciated! Click here for the Steam Workshop page. Map overview: CT Spawn: T Spawn: Middle: Bombsite A: Bombsite B: Thanks for reading!
  23. Hi, I'm gamez7 and I've just gotten into CS:GO mapping! Hopefully I can get some good feedback here
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