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  1. Gratz to the winners and thanks to Epic and Mapcore for the contest! I'm really looking forward to playing most of the maps (I haven't yet, and they look totally awesome!), but I'd like to know first about the ones that work in the newest build. I see that Scinbed and Maul have recooked their maps lately, but do the other levels work fine or should we wait for them to be fixed? Hey, glad to hear you like Batrankus and its death ledges! I didn't see Epic do any weird trick out of the spike pits in the stream, but there are plenty of wall tricks and boot jumps to do by the outer edges of the map, and that's what the death ledges are for... Anyway, I'm super happy to be on the top 3... that's more than I had bargained for!
  2. Cool, can't wait! Just uploaded a fixed version of my map BTW. Fortunately, the .pak was far more broken than my map's file once I opened it in the editor, and it just took a bit of work to roll back to previous backup assets. I'm posting the new link here since the other thread is locked: DM-Batrankus_RC1c Best of luck everyone!
  3. Thanks, that's really good to hear! I still have the backups, but It seems that tons of assets from the Environments -> Outside folder have changed. Lots of meshes from the Merged folder are missing to start with, and some stuff from Textures has changed too (so having a copy of the master materials didn't work here...). I have quite a lot of broken Decals aswell... The screenshots I got from poLemin are... frightening. It's definitely not about a couple of missing assets. It's the whole level that got messed up. Fortunately, I have just managed to open it in the editor before updating, so I'm going to copy as much stuff as I can to my personal folder...
  4. Got the screenshots, thank you very much! So it seems that the update has turned my level into an absolutely ugly pile of crap... Totally unacceptable, seriously...
  5. Owch, this does not sound any good... but I haven't updated yet! Perhaps I can help you guys out... Tell me about the assets that are giving you trouble, and I will try to upload a file with the old versions of them... I would appreciate if someone checked that my map is alright, though...
  6. I'm quite concerned about this. One of the last updates changed a bunch of materials and meshes from the content folders, which caused problems in many custom maps that have not been recooked since then. I really hope a recook is not necessary, but I'm creating a backup of some of the Environments folders just in case...
  7. Hey, you don't really need to create custom duplicates of StaticMeshes to change the lightmap resolution if you don't want to. There is an 'Overrride Lightmap Resolution' setting in the StaticMesh properties where you can set a specific value per mesh without editing the original assets.
  8. Hey, just released a quick update to my map! I have updated the links of both this thread and the 'Phase 2 Submissions' one. I haven't tested this new version enough by myself, so I'm keeping the July 1 version link in the submissions thread too, in case there is something wrong with this new version (probably not...). UTGenericObjectivePoint actors. Haven't tried choosing it in a PowerupBase, but that would most likely spawn the powerup in non-TSD game modes, which you really don't want to happen (especially if you have more than one location).
  9. If you have cooked your map (Share -> Share this Level) without problems, you should be prompted a Yes/No dialogue box. At the bottom left of that box there's a link to your .pak file's folder. (BTW, click 'No' on the dialogue box... ) In my Windows 10 laptop the .pak files folder is: [MyDocuments]\UnrealTournament\Saved\Paks\MyContent\ That's where you'll find the file to upload for others to play your level.
  10. Phew! My level is finally up! It's been 2 intense mapping months here! Download: DM-Batrankus_vRC1a (July 3, 2016) Development Thread: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?23802-DM-Batrankus-Mapcore-TSD Really looking forward to hearing some feedback! Best of luck everyone!
  11. Full Name: Óscar Crego Nickname: TheGlecter / G.Lecter Map: Batrankus Bastion [DM-Batrankus] Download: DM-Batrankus_vRC1a (July 3, 2016) [If something was wrong with this link or file (not likely but who knows), please use the July 1 version for the contest!] Development Thread: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?23802-DM-Batrankus-Mapcore-TSD I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA (https://www.unrealengine.com/eula). Screenshots: Enjoy! And use your jumpboots wisely!
  12. I haven't tried it out, but that sounds quite awful to me. I used the 'Convert Brush to Mesh' thing with a simple 5-brush shape, and the resulting mesh had some noticeable lightmap problems, which I could only solve by remodeling the piece in Max almost entirely. I just don't want to imagine how that would turn out with a whole +600 brush level. A huge StaticMesh with all the geometry of a level doesn't sound like a very elegant approach to me, and you would most likely need an insanely high Lightmap resolution to make it look any good... I dunno about the artist point of view, but BSP is totally awesome for level designers and ditching it from new game engines is a bad decision IMO. You just can't focus on creating an interesting playable space by splattering wall meshes here and there... Thanks for the answers BTW!
  13. Is there anything wrong with keeping the BSP from your level instead of redoing everything as staticmeshes? The only downside I see is that you can't use the mesh paint tool and I heard that BSP is more costly performance-wise than staticmeshes... but my level is pretty much finished visually at this point, and it runs a little faster than the official maps while ~80% of the original BSP is still there. I replaced the parts of my BSP that could easily be turned into modular pieces, but most of my playable area has tons of intersecting paths and shapes, which would not be easy at all to break into pieces and redo in an external 3d application, which I hardly know how to use... So, what am I missing there? Why are you Epic guys obsesively turning everything you can into meshes that can't be used as modular assets?
  14. In terms of brightness I think it's not bad... It's supposed to be a dark room isn't it? However, I think the hole in the ceiling should be your main lightsource and make a stronger impact on the room, whereas the fire and torch could be more of a second-order lighting. Someone made a thread about lighting in the UT forums BTW: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?24427-Is-there-a-way-to-increase-the-base-illumination-of-the-entire-level
  15. In your level's World Settings, make sure the 'Game Mode Override' field is empty (None). I heard that levels that had Showdown in that field stopped working since the last patch. Your map name also needs a DM- prefix to be properly shown in the game menus.
  16. If you select a brush, at the bottom of the Details box there is a 'Convert Actor' list. If you select 'BlockingVolume' on the list, the Brush will be converted. It will only convert individual brushes though, so if you have substractive geometry, you'll most likely have to block things the hard way...
  17. I was able to scale my map with an old version of the MapScaler, although I had to scale all the lights manually. Updated my submission post with the new link! Even so, I really think you should give a little more time, or submit a second round of levels to Epic in a week or two, for those who can't recook in time. I see some people who are having problems with the launcher, ridiculously long cooking times, etc... We're all putting tons of work into this and it would suck if someone can't get his map on the servers due to Epic updating the game in a bad moment...
  18. Could you please give us some more time? I definitely want my map to be on the HUBs, but it depends on the Map Scaler tool which has not been re-released yet for 4.12...
  19. Full Name: Óscar Crego Nickname: TheGlecter / G.Lecter Map Name: DM-Batrankus Download Link: DM-Batrankus_BSPv1b (May 16, 2016) Development Thread: https://www.epicgames.com/unrealtournament/forums/showthread.php?23802-DM-Batrankus-Mapcore-TSD Quite unsure of whether I will be able to mesh it up on time or not, but there we go... Really looking forward to hear some feedback! “I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA (https://www.unrealengine.com/eula)."
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