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  1. What's the backslash forum command for someone who can make the claim that, they were the one who 'called it' ? Also, looking at those other topic titles from Kotaku, who only seemed interested in the 'old white guy' graphics that Epic Games have for demonstrating their UE5 tech recently, I think another of my predictions is also bearing some fruit: So, I think this is going to only be interesting to see how my 3 points stack up with the liberal media, but alas, anyone could have called this. You might say my foresight had some insight, in the light of hindsight.
  2. Blizzards loss is everyone else's gain - but you have highlighted a very astute point: even a fool can wear a crown and pretend to be the king.
  3. Talented females know where to work and not to work, they ain't dumb - Blizzard have lost (probably forever now) the chance to hire a lot of talent, and that is their loss. Blizzards' loss and ineptitude will do a few things: 1) Create an inaccurate mindset that the video games industry is a sleezetown of pussy grabbing frat boys, no matter which company it is or, which country that company is in. 2) Open the door to smaller companies who had trouble hiring quality female staff, only to now have more options on their desks than they ever dreamed of having for hiring people. 3) Create a vacuous media-frenzied narrative, to whit "All men working in the video games industry are, pussy grabbing frat boys". This is the same narrative as "All lesbians are butch, head shaved flannel-shirt-wearing and militant". As for your dude-sided comment...this is because there are more men who want to program than women. Women in the games industry lean more towards artistic endeavours than mathematical, plus, the administrative elements of video games (especially in publishing, like Blizzard) also including marketing and sales which hold something like 84.6% female led (Got that stat from GDC). So you want more women in the video games industry? I want more more equality of opportunity, without forcing the equality of outcome, because - if you FORCE women to work in coding, or FORCE companies to have 50% women in coding, and to IGNORE lots of male applicants, purely based on their gender, AND if you make an arbitrary decision to FIRE 34.6% of women in marketing alone, to try and find talented marketeers - games would not be made to the current levels, so... Good luck with that. As for Lara...I think the bank balance of the creators was not complaining, and it would be no different than an overly sexualised man in the box art - which has also been the case since the early days of the 8-bit wars: Hate to nullify your point, but, the reasons for the above have nothing to do with the video games industry, because...84.6% of the marketing department (in the 1980's) would've had to have gone through lots of male models to find the one they chose to be on the box of this game Like I say, women ain't dumb, and will now NOT work at Blizzard (and possibly Ubisoft) Yet, I would be remiss if I did also not point out the obvious: Some women will stay, because they have a combination of the sunken cost fallacy, plus, they know there is a big chance for them to get promoted regardless of whether they deserved it or not.
  4. I can't think of anything more offensive to a female - to only have a job because of a quota. Just hire the best person for the job, and the let the DICE fall where they may.
  5. I am shocked - so, as a result, they have had to fire one man on a board? Surely that must be perceived as being sexist? Being fired because of your gender? "Sorry, we have to let you go" "Why? - My god, what happened? What did I do wrong? How did my 35 years at this company from the stockroom, working my way all the way up the long ladder, all the time working extra hard, 50, 60, 70 hours a week, not being able to see my children for weeks at a time, just to help the company grow and grow to become one of the largest companies in California; necessitate losing my job?" "You're not losing your job - we are firing you" "Okay, so you are firing me - what did I do wrong? WHY?" "Oh, it's because you are a man!" "I'm suing you for sacking me because of my gender!" "You can't sue us for being sexist - it's the LAW" [insert picard putting head in hands picture with a humorous quote]
  6. I think it largely depends on your perspective of whether the world you are creating is additive in your designs or subtractive - and whether you would want to work in a modular design or not. So, if you take a simple wall that needs a window - using something like the source engine would require a lot more vertices than the unreal engine, as the latter would require two cuboids and the former would require four. Also, with a modular design, you are working with a set of pre-made polygons to suit your design - if all you have to work with is these polygons, you will have to kit-bash your way through a design...unless you build, model and texture your own polygons in blender/max/maya/modo w/e. Perhaps the bigger question is what is it that actually interests you in level designing? Unreal Engine 5 would be my recommendation to you, using subtractive geometry due to it's massive speed advantage.
  7. In all seriousness - are there quotas in some states regarding such things as gender?
  8. I think the way the industry has changed since 360/ps3 or even xbox/ps2/dreamcast days; is the thing I find interesting. All those barriers of entry have been changed so much since those days, as we have removed those barriers with technology. If you wanted to own a console in those days, you had to literally be first in the queue at a shop that had them in stock on the day of release, stay up all night, buy the console with cash and buy the launch titles. A massive investment of time, energy and dedication to the wallet and the thing that it is attached to. All those lawns mowed, papers delivered, driveways cleared - just to get to be the one who can hold that controller on launch day. No pre-orders. Now? Now we sit on our fat asses and use a capacitive touch (no buttons! too much effort!) interface on something that fits in our pocket, and the console gets delivered to our houses - plus the added bonus of calling the delivery driver non-ironic pejoratives to their faces for being 10 minutes late, or not closing the gate behind them. The stories about buying consoles, getting consoles and owning consoles (and the narrative surrounding it) anno 2020; seems to be important than actually playing the games!
  9. Oh, that's a meme in the making. I'm looking forward to the day when X is not allowed to do X until they've logged into Facebook.
  10. It's good on PC with PS4 controller.
  11. Does it have a one-click 'align all vertexes to grid' option/command? (haven't used it yet, just wondering)
  12. Ah Crysis, the most overpriced bench-marking tool ever released
  13. I think this is how I feel about this game:
  14. On the controller? Never bothered me - but you can turn the brightness down in the settings.
  15. Oh, totally. MS do have a compression/decompression, but the details are as you say; scarce. I'll say it again, this round will be a mirror'd example of the XB360/PS3 32-bit war we saw in the 90's/00's - which was (I think) the longest console war ever...2005-2017 (commenced/discontinued date for both consoles) and, I think the PS5/XBSX consoles appear to very much be consoles that are glorified upgrades over the PS4/XB1 models.
  16. Perhaps it will, perhaps it won't - but decompressing on-the-fly is dependent on the type/sort/variety of your compression type, for which XB does not appear to have of the same quality, comparatively speaking. So - that is the bottleneck I spoke of. http://www.radgametools.com/oodlekraken.htm
  17. True, And what devs need are platforms that: 1) Allow for backwards compatibility to existing stock. 2) Allow for full and complete usage of the hardware with no bottlenecks. 3) Allow for the least amount of restrictions on design...so, not having to worry about packaging up levels/maps would be a key part of that (for PS5) versus the XBSX using 'off the shelf' hardware, like they drove through the tech warehouse and just filled up the cart with stuff and slammed it together. the way XBSX has an exhaust at the top...not the greatest way to extract heat out of a box, and, is probably the worst thing people would want under/next to, their tv... PS5 has a better toolbox for devs than XBSX, I suspect.
  18. Which part? The "I think MS has the lead" or "but will lose by a gnats hair" ? If the former, it is down to the perception as MS is quoting TFLOP numbers in their marketing and are pushing these numbers as a key barometer of performance. If the latter, that is because of the developer-centrist design of the PS5. XBSX will no doubt be pushed by numbers and it is akin to a Lamborghini Countach in how it was marketed. Big, impressive design. Big numbers. Yet, hard to get in and out of, brake discs like milk-bottle tops, and over-heated so badly you could not get the windows open fast enough, which was hard, given the fact the windows didn't work properly anyway. But hey, it looked cool, right? If XBSX is the Countach, PS5 will be the Countach with air-con, ABS, better fuel efficiency and sat-nav
  19. Mind=Blown I need to take along walk in the country to get over this. Sadly, that's not possible right now...maybe I'll go play with my lego and build de_Dust2
  20. XBSX Pro: Hardware Con: Cost of ownership What we want: Absolutely no dedication of system resources being applied to anything other than games, whilst playing games; movies whilst playing movies; tv whilst watching tv and more importantly, for the second time: games whilst playing games. PS5 Pro: Hardware and developer-centric Con: UI/GUI/UX (historically) What we want: A new PlayStation. I know, it sounds kinda crazy, but it really is at the center of our desire: a new PlayStation. Not a new games console, but a new PlayStation. There has always been something very 'Japanese' about the PlayStation, almost as if the designers came down from Mount Fuji with a smile on their face and joy in their hearts, eager and willing to bring that joy to others with ingenuous reverence and indifference to what others were doing at the time. PlayStation was different, unique and very very very clever. PlayStation is not another games console, it is a PlayStation. Emphasis on PLAY. On a technical level, I think Sony has won this round. On a perceptual level, I think MS has the lead, but will lose by a gnats hair as this round will be very very very similar to the XB360/PS3 round, wherein the difference wasn't very high (1 million units to PS3?). As an aside to this, and from a developer standpoint: how due we feel about Real-Time, now that lightmaps are no longer going to be a requirement? And games install sizes are going to be significantly reduced for the same reason? We will need the basic texture for sure, but no more lightmaps? That's quite a reduction pre-runtime and runtime. Very interested in this, and, coming back to the comparisons between MS and Sony; as Sony has a gargantuan lead over MS for decompressing textures in real-time, what is MS going to do when developers cannot use MS for game worlds that require rapid speed of loading? Is it going to be like GTA3 all over again, when you have to wait for the games console to load the adjacent segment of the map, poised at the ready, unable to take your eyes off the screen because when it (finally) loads, you are traveling at100 miles per hour and might hit a truck and die? The thing about developers is that they cannot go back. You give developers tools and they will use them with reverence, and, they will have to have uncomfortable conversations with the higher-ups along the lines of 'we cannot make the XBSX load the map that fast...you need to make the map smaller, or introduce a game mechanic to stop players moving so fast'. XBSX will break games that require fast loading, AFAICT.
  21. So, we don't know? Someone call Dave, and get him to confirm one way or another as to the original locality of de_dust2, because this is not gonna go away anytime soon. I know "3kliksphilip" is on here sometimes, he might have a hotline to contact DJ on this... This, is getting to be an interesting point of contention about one of the most famous maps ever made - <3 all
  22. This is a Valve response (Jess Cliffe, co-creator of Counter-Strike) to the question as to whether the game/level/map was originally based in Morocco, and that bringing the new revamped version of de_Dust2 was attempting to return to that location as best it could. Unless DJ himself wishes to get on a train from Suffolk to my yard and tell me otherwise, I'm going with this as the basis for my answer. As always, I humbly stand to be corrected - and again, I do apologize for my earlier misunderstanding.
  23. I've looked into this at length now, and cannot find anything to support the idea that De_Dust2 is located in the middle-east, but on the other side of Africa.
  24. We might be talking cross-purposes here, but I've re-read your original comments and I think I have confused what you wrote with something else somehow. Apps for the misunderstanding. The original map of de_Dust2 going back to the very first iteration is based on Morocco.
  25. I think you'll find the original basis for the map was Morocco, which although is close to the middle-east, it's north-west African coastal area.
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