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  1. I added windows and cover I left some space between the covers out of visual reasons, because of that i added a gap at the bottom so that cts can easily see ts when the ts are trying to peek between the covers so that it isn't a viable spot for ts to camp. Also added this skylight to get a less cramped feel
  2. I'm really sorry about this but they aren't supposed to look that way. I forgot to add the textures to the workshop file. Thank you very much for the feedback so i could fix that mistake. This is how they normally look: I will look into adding some windows to make the place less depending on lights. But I don't want to change the gameplay by adding windows, so i willl have to look into that.
  3. Hey guys, i'm back and will be working on the map again. Thanks alot for all the feedback I'm currently working on the pool should be ready by tomorrow. I changed the texture of the pool and the texture of the water. There seems to be a bit of confusion about the ladder/stairs. I'll try my best to clear things up. There is a step ladder like blackdog said. I tried adding stairs but it just didn't look like i wanted it to look so i scrapped the idea. The ladder i was using in the old version of the map is also really similar to the one in this picture of
  4. This is the last update for the next week, because i will not be able to work on the map for that time. Still wanted to post my progress until now. Will work on the map in a week again. added lights: changed water but I don't like it at the moment. Will change in the future Will work on that in the future
  5. Added foliage to cliff: And added a beach:
  6. I agree, I also like it more. Will update the map as soon as it has finished compiling. EDIT:Updated
  7. I thought about it and came up with this: Do you like it or is it a bit over the top? Or is this version better?:
  8. Do you mean something like this:
  9. I also changed the color of the fog, to make it more like the color of the skybox and made it start earlier to hide the change of the water from the level to the skybox. cleaned up backstreet and removed graffiti: opened up this area: replaced some models:
  10. Thank you very much for the feedback. the graffiti was removed replaced some of the props made roof near balcony accessable moved the unopenable glassdoors, so the shorter way is through the glass (I want to keep the sound the breaking glass makes so that the Ts get some information when the CTs enter) Other konwn issues: Skyboxfog doesn't work like it's supposed to normal watere and skybox water don't have the same tint. I'm currently working on trying to fix them.
  11. This map is located at the coast of Scottland. A group of five terrorists have taken the rich lord and lady, who life in the house hostage. Try to safe them! It's a fun little map. Can also be played with less than 10 playersI would be very thankfull for any kind of feedback. Here's the Workshoplink outside: balcony: Backstreet: Appartement: Overview: Thank you very much for taking your time to look at my map.
  12. three hours left till new season
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