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  1. Here's some shots of the more completed sections of Europa: Vostok Station, my single-player campaign map for Mass Effect: Unification, my total-conversion mod for Star Wars Battlefront II. Vostok Station's entrance and hangar where the player is introduced to combat and the Interact mechanic. The Cargo Bay where crates and other assorted containers would be transported from the hangar for storage. An action shot of a Frag Grenade being thrown into a group of enemies in the Cargo Bay. The station's Reception area. Visitors to the station would begin tours of the station in this room. A screen advertising the Kassa Locust in the Reception. The station's Management Center, which essentially acts as its main office from which the entire station is managed. The station's Power & Thermal Control Center. This room contains various machinery that power and heat the station by hydrogen, given the environment and presence of liquid water. The upper level of the station's Comms Control Center, which handles all of the station's outgoing, incoming, and inter-station communications. And finally, here's a trailer for the level! All feedback is welcomed and greatly appreciated!
  2. I recently graduated from the Art Institute of Vancouver with my Game Art & Design diploma and I'd love to hear feedback on my portfolio site! http://www.aaron-gilbert.com/ Thanks! Aaron Gilbert (Probably worth noting that I'm looking for work, too.)
  3. Teaser of what's to come. http://www.indiedb.com/games/indoctra Also, that looks great, AtsEst! Love the sound design too.
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