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  1. Name: Maxym Melnyk Nickname: Mmelnyk Map: DM-Bloodbath Download: https://ut.rushbase.net/rfgamedesigner/DM-Bloodbath-WindowsNoEditor.pak Alternative download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/oidh3hokxubk7iv/DM-Bloodbath-WindowsNoEditor.pak?dl=0 Map preview with my commentary First of all. thank you guys for such a nice contest! I enjoy creating a map for UT. It is the second map, I’ve created for this challenge, because I was not satisfied of the first one: the rooms where too small and the map’s shell was like crap. Therefore, before designing a new map, I decided to create some interesting arenas and to combine them after. I started to playtest existing maps in UT, looking for some interesting areas. After I had finished, I drew a couple on my own. Then I jumped right into an editor to build the first one. Then, I added more rooms. I play tested my map with bots after adding each of the rooms. I wanted to playtest it with my friends, but I had some problems with creating a server, hope I’ll manage to install it properly soon. After I had finished all the rooms and created some interesting paths with the help of lifts, I placed bullets and powerups. The map still needs more ammo locations; I’ll work on this. I am not sure with the theme of my map right now. Maybe you can help me with some ideas on this topic. For now, I simply marketed the rooms with different color lights to make it easy to remember for the player.
  2. I decided to give it a try some days ago, started to build a map, but now I see, that it's rooms are small for Unreal gameplay. Therefore I'll begin to create a new one, fortunately, I still have a lot of time. However, It's a great fun to design maps for UT, thank you, guys for such a nice contest!
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