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  1. CubeEON

    UE4 -WIP- Destiny Fan Art - Mars Station

    That really looks, awesome, would be cool if there will be a playable version at any time. Keep up that work =)
  2. CubeEON

    Mirrors Edge Catalyst

    I don't really know if the game will be as good as the first one, but we all should give it a try atleast, because i recognized in the last two months, and since the first gamplay material came online, the people out there started hating on the game, and i really don't know why, because it's still in the Beta phase, but yeah, the first one is, i think not able to be topped again, even by it's own creators. Cheers
  3. CubeEON

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    These towers in the Background look, like the towers from Battlefield 3 (Gulf of Oman), but well, this looks pretty nice, keep up the good work =)
  4. CubeEON

    The random model thread!

    wow, that really looks amazing. there has to be a serious amount of time in there =) keep up that work
  5. CubeEON


    Already seems very cool, but adding a little bit more detail would be nice, but i think this is already planned. and i would really like to see a night map in Matchmaking at any given time
  6. CubeEON

    2015: Mapcore's Year in Review

    For ongoing, what this community here made is just awesome, i really like the City 17 Half Life 2 / UE4 remake corridor =) Keep on doing great stuff