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  1. I've been catching up with your videos today and they're really useful. Thanks for doing these!
  2. We are really impressed by the amount of details and polishing you guys have managed to pull out in such a short period of time! We're new into the mapcore community so I'm sure some of you are used to it but for us it is a great motivation to continue and surpass ourselves. Thanks again for the contest guys!
  3. Full Names: Clément Dubarry / Kevin Pinson Nicknames: DubYYY / huitmottes Map: DM-Silo Download: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B7D31QGF5YRNbVZ2WURtOVU0VkE&usp=sharing Comments: Well... It was one hell of a challenge ! Being our first real experience designing an unreal map, we had to work hard to understand and play with the core mechanics for a while. The blocking/testing phase was fun and we definitely learned a lot on different subjects. We managed to do what we wanted in a really short period of time. The meshing/lighting phase was definitely the hardest one for us. We may have artistic desires and goals but we're definitely not environment artists neither lighting experts Anyways, we did it! Thanks to mapcore, epic games and you guys for the support! - (for those who might be interested) Just a few more words on our intentions - After analyzing the team showdown game mode, we approached our design thinking about strategical and tactical decisions based on teamwork and communication. The "Chose your spawn" phase was the first thing we liked and tackled. We wanted to put players in situations where they would have to think. (Not think as in "Hey, I like this weapon so I'm gonna spawn here", but try to add a strategical layer to it.) The "only 6 spawn points" was a natural way to go once we had that in mind. E.G We have 2 buildings called "towers" they each have 3 floors - 2 spawn points on the middle floor - 1 weapon on the last floor - 1 weapon on the first floor With a situation like this, when teams are planning their spawns we wanted them to ask themselves: - Should we put 2 players in this tower, securing those 2 weapons? - Should we put 1 player, play safe and grab *this* weapon? - Should we put 1 player and directly aggress the other team? - Should we give this building to the other team and concentrate on the other one? We tried our best to always have the strategical aspect in consideration for any decisions we made. I hope we succeeded! tl;dr: strategical and tactical oriented PS: I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula )
  4. Hey phantazm11, Thanks for your quick answer, we tried to use the verify option as you suggested and it worked ! Well, not that easily... (We had to do it several times) Just so you know, my buddy and I are using the same anti-virus software (aVast) and apparently he's considering that compiling shaders is a virus and decides to corrupt those files... We spent last night trying to figure this out so I hope our pain will help some of you guys Thanks again phantazm11.
  5. Hey guys ! We're having some trouble with a material that causes the editor to crash when we try to build lighting. It seems the problem comes from M_Liandri_MASTER_Material in /Game/RestrictedAssets/Environments/Liandri/Materials It appears to be corrupted for whatever reason... Is there a way to revert it to its original version or can someone send us the vanilla version of it so we can try to uncorrupt it ? Thanks guys ! I hope we can sort this out otherwise we're pretty screwed for the deadline and that would be a shame...
  6. Name: Clement Dubarry & Kevin Pinson Nickname: DubYYY & huitmottes Map name: DM-Silo Map & Design documentation download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7D31QGF5YRNcVVrazdCSW0wVGc Hello ! We are two designers from France and here is our submission for this contest. This is our first Unreal map, we designed it and created the blockout within two weeks. Our intentions were to match the specifities of the team showdown mode by having strategical & tactical elements on top of the basic UT mechanics. It was a pretty intense but nonetheless enjoyable experience and we're happy to carry on to the next stage. Down below are some screenshots of the blockout as it is for now. EDIT 1: I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ). EDIT 2: Uploaded rebuild of the map with new tool. Good luck everyone and have fun!
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