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  1. I don't know about you guys, but to block out my map I find that utilizing some basic models I've created from BLENDER allows for more concise shapes than relying on BSP alone. While a good layout is paramount for a contest entry, I find that even blocked out maps that are decent to look at get played more, plain and simple. A more final version of the map can of course further divide this Basilica up to be more modular, of course....

    Even THIS started life as blocked-out BSP in Unreal Tournament (of course I had started with a boxy, bare-bones BSP layout), but the 2nd level 'roof' was just a simple rectangular walkway that was plain FUGLY instead of the roof being part of the walkable area... as it stands, the front of the Basilica will be a ramped' entry while the rear leads to an elevator shaft (jump trick, people)... so there are actually 3 floors to this thing....Basilica.png

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