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  1. FX

    Hey Sprony,

    I'm interested in branching off and mapping in different game engines, Do you know that the COD games use and how to get the editor for that?   I met a gut today that works for Infinity Ward and he was pretty interested in my level design skills, So I wanna familiarize myself with the editors the company and engine use.

    1. Sprony


      Hey FX,

      The COD engine is basically a heavily modified Quake 3 engine. They always used Radiant and that hasn't changed (although the editor might have changed quite a bit). They are going to release mod tools for Black Ops 3. You can read more about that here. I know somebody who works there, so I you want, I could ask if they could hook you up with a alpha invite (no promises).

  2. I have a few mappers in mind that I think are gonna get this. I will be in work during the stream
  3. Welcome news peeps! Enjoy your stay! I only found out about this wonderful place when the Unreal Tournament 4 Mapcore contest was posted on my Facebook feed by Flak from Epic Games. Some VERY talented guys and girls on here!
  4. Watch Stranger Things on Netflix! It's soooooo good!
  5. It's looking great man! You've come a long way since creating Rankin! BIG congrats to ya!
  6. Hahah looks like fun! Congrats!
  7. Here is mine https://twitter.com/byrongore
  8. Glad you got in! I'm working on doing the same thing, and also signed up for a 3d design course. Keep mapping in the Unreal Engine, the more you make the better you will become
  9. I'm available for any Unreal Engine projects and also interested in starting up a team of my own. Skills: Unreal Engine level design Level block outs and layout troubleshooting game level testing basic blender knowlage meshing out levels lighting terrain basic blueprints working to a deadline visuals Audio engineering I'm proficient in using the Unreal Engine, designing and blocking out playable, fun and competitive levels as well as adding all the visuals and final touched that make up a completed level. I like having to work to a deadline and like adding unique touches that make levels stand out. As well as freelance work, I would love to get together with talented individuals that would like to work as a design team. I'm looking for 3D design artists and game testers to help create visually stunning, playable competitive levels for Unreal Tournament 4, levels will be tested, completed and uploaded to the market place. Recent work. DM-TwinFalls DM-RadioActive Fan Video: DM-Moongames
  10. Thanks for holding this competition! It's been a great learning experience for me Good luck to everyone involved !
  11. Byron Gore Nick Name FX^ DM-TwinFalls Download Link “I agree that this content constitutes a Submission under the Unreal Engine EULA ( https://www.unrealengine.com/eula ).”
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