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  1. Here's the port so far, couple of issues still to sort such as the Glass needing to be replaced.
  2. Quick update! Tried to address the brightness issues as well as adding some varations to the ceiling height. Planning on tarting up these assets and porting them over to Unreal once I've finished this up!
  3. Decided to go back to rework and hopefully release my old Asylum project!
  4. Still a work in progress the river especially needs to be fixed up!
  5. Nearly finished hopefully! 50/50 about the Post processing though might change it up a tad
  6. Some more Unreal stuff, still need to add some more cobwebs+fix up the lamp models
  7. Been trying to improve my modelling+texturing
  8. Been working on a small Moonbase of sorts
  9. Started on a small Manor of sorts, still need to add more furniture, light sources etc
  10. Thanks! Was originally practicing my texture design+ model work on HL2. I'm thinking I could expand it into a horror mod or map of sorts, not too sure yet though
  11. Finally finished up a Map i've been working on, it's based around HBO's Game of Thrones! Workshop link: The Map features: The Great Hall Small Council chamber Tower of the Hand Grand Library General rooms and passages Hidden secrets/passages Credits Map+Models+Textures: Chris Ward (CWardee) Testers: Sly Sir Someone
  12. Gonna try and finish up this scene, it's the Iron Bank from Game of Thrones, still need to add the table, chairs and redo the benches
  13. Did a pretty big revamp, added some more dirt, cobwebs etc, hoping for these to be the last shots before release
  14. Hi guys, we've finally got our first Unity app going! Feel free to give it a go, would love some feedback; hope you guys enjoy!