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  1. 4qker

    CS:GO - Wishbone, V2

    Well... the original layout and aesthetic was based on the city of famagusta in Cyprus, but after the new Nuke assets got added, I thought it'd be better as a mapper without a modeler or texture creator to set the map in Dubai. I definitely get what you're saying and have already begun to remove crates where I can, opting for landmarks and objects instead, but I've always found crates to have an elegance and root in counter strike history and I'll be keeping a fair few where suitable. It's great to get some feedback though; Mid has been adjusted and CTs can pass before T's can see them, as well as the tunnels from B to Mid opening up a little
  2. 4qker

    CS:GO - Wishbone, V2

    Well as for the crates it's going to be set at a shipping complex, B site is a weighing station but other than that i'll get on assessing those issues. The feedback hasn't been uploaded yet, but once I've watched it all I should get my changes updated within the week; This map's also being used for an assessment piece at my school, so i'm working pretty fast when I can.
  3. Is this where I should ask for the replay and feedback? thanks to the community for testing again
  4. 4qker

    CS:GO - Wishbone, V2

    A while back I did a play test and although the footage was corrupted I got some valuable feedback and have since made changes that really balance the layout. Here's the workshop link to the map. the previous tested version was 1.0.3, this version is 1.1.9. "WISHBONE" - A COMPETITIVE LAYOUT DESIGN Hybrid Clover Design Never Before Seen Dual Crossed Middle Built With Professional Players In Mind Carefully And Painstakingly Tweaked Mix Of Long And Short Ranged Game Play Lots Of Smoke And Flash Spots Wishbone has been my pride and joy project for the past year and though I don't spend the time i'd like to on it, I believe it's bursting with potential as i'm sure you will agree. Before I try to schedule another map play test I invite everyone to have their own walk arounds and deathmatches and give me some of that juicy, highly valued critique all mappers crave.
  5. The Shard, my favourite level <3 <3 hope you finish it up and release it, it looks amazing! are you hyped for MEC?
  6. My map i'm working on; after the playtest came through and the demo was corrupted, i revamped the map, making drastic changes left and right. I'll be making a new playtest in a few weeks or whenever they find a fix for the corrupted .dem files. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=655252802
  7. Thankyou again for playtesting my map, to all who attended and to RZL for setting it up; but I have a Dilemma. 10 seconds before the match resets (warmup 0:11) i get an error, "Cl_flushentitypacket; Update delta not found". it shows up in red in the top right corner, and spams itself in console. the demo freezes up, players glitch out and stop moving, and so on and so forth. i did my own research into what this might be and how to fix it myself and found that it happens to old demo files when they aren't compatible with the newest version of the game. well, that cannot be the problem as the playtest was only 2 days ago. So i dug around some more and found that if it's happening to new demo files, the demo file must be corrupted. Ofcourse this is horrible news as i would either have to schedule another playtest and have the first go in vain; OR ~Pause for plan to intensify~ I could make the plea to RZL to either send the demo in a different format (convert to video) or try to reupload it. I have no idea if either solution will work. So that's what i'll have to do. RZL, organizer of playtests, patron saint of feedback I humbly ask of thee to test the .dem file and see if it is corrupted on your end. if so, i'll schedule another playtest in a month or two, if not, i'd like to PM about a solution that leaves me with a working .dem file. Thankyou in advance, regardless of outcome.
  8. they're gonna need a less subtle hint system with the free roam aspect, it might get pretty hard to navigate if we don't have a route picked out across the city. I'm SO. FUCKING. HYPED. I sent the trailer to like everyone of my friends, even if they didn't play games, and one of them said it looks cool so they're borrowing mirror's edge as their first game proud to add to our ranks!
  9. Hey just wondering when i can expect the demo files to be up on the google drive, do i have to request it? thanks
  10. I won't be able to make it to the playtest of my map personally as the time differences put it just after midnight for me; just thought i should let you guys know
  11. 4qker

    [CS:GO] De_Wishbone {WIP}

    Thankyou for your suggestions so far; I have re-implemented a few of the barriers that block sight and movement to make the verticality more simple, and have included a ladder in the B drop down room to make rotates out of B easier.
  12. De_Wishbone, Version 1.0.3 Workshop Link After many years of experience with the hammer editor across Valve games and mods, I have taken my favourite bits of my best competitive layouts and compiled them into 1 final map. Clover Design Open site layout has a Middle Multiple connectors risk/reward positions (snipers nest, lurk spots, high plats) The map itself is designed with 5v5 competitive play in mind, while being simple at its core so that any rank can play it; much like Dust2. Proper smokes and flashes are all possible and encouraged by the layout, aswell as split plays and lurk plays being very rewarding. I hope people will have the time to look around the map for a while and get a feel for the layout; i'm extremely proud of it, and think it could be viable as a new map pool addition at best. Has Radar (1 level (standard)) Has rough optimisation (area portals, proper skybox, cleaned brushwork, func_detailing) Is ready for 5v5 play testing (Beta) Feedback is a huge help, if you can go into depth on what you think I should change and why, all the better. I'm willing to add enthusiastic playtesters of any nationality to help out with organising matches or to test the layout. Screenshots are below, in the spoiler.
  13. De_Wishbone (formerly De_Famagusta, but i rebuilt it without a theme)
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