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  1. Hello everyone! I've recently started working on a project as a "Map Guy", this here is a rough project of the map i've made so far (open world), still in a greyboxing stage and i'd like to get some feedback regarding composition/readability before i'll go any further. Long story short, we play as a novice mage transported to the mysterious magical island against his will, to escape he has to defeat gods living in the towers (huge square on the map is a placeholder for the tower) Important to note: initially the player will only see the monument in the middle of the lake (middle top part of the map), only after interacting with the stone at the top of the monument the rest of the map becomes visible. Top-Down Overview: First Look at the whole map: Top of the staircase: Bottom of the staircase: Cementery: Sorry for the lack of link to the project, i'm having trouble exporting the project in a manner that will be comfortable for you to download (unless you're fine with a project that's almost 5GB in size). I'll try to fix it but I don't want to delay getting feedback. Thanks in advance!
  2. How i wish i could start whiteboxing already My laptop can't run the engine properly, i have to wait till weekends to use my PC <sad>
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