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  1. Hey, i requested my map tested the 22.april, but that's friday. If posible, can we test it on thursday the 21.april?
  2. Hey man! Rly nice work here! My first impression is that i like the level disigne, very clean and easy to learn. One thing i was thinking when i was running around was that i felt abit claustrophobic running from T-spawn to A-site. Could mabye make some open spaces. Like the drop place could mabye be outside. Then the T's can also use this place to throw smokes or flashes into the A-site. Looking forward to new updates on this map!
  3. Bøttn

    [CS_GO] De_Dvask

    Thanks for taking your time to help me and thanks alot for feedback Guerilla! It is very much needed when i get stuck and lie inn bed struggle sleep just thinking of the map I have now remade the t-spawn and with the best spwan for T's now i can get to the B-site in 12 seconds. it's the same time it takes the T's to reach B-site on Mirage. The Ct's can reach the A-site in 7 seconds if they jump on the big box there. I also fixed some of the brushes with gaps between them, it's alot of them and i know. I will fix all of it when im getting the timing right and know the floors and walls gonna be where they are. i have also added lights in the darker spots. Adding a radar picture with time and a new path i added to make the rotate go faster for the T's from B to mid. Don't know if all the doors and paths gonna be open yet but i'm adding them and hope you guys can help me which to keep open and which to close.
  4. Bøttn

    [CS_GO] De_Dvask

    De_Dvask is my first 5v5 competetive map. It's a map where i have been taking inspiration from the most popular maps and made it into my first map. It's not done yet, but i think it's fully playable for testing. I have focused on timing and making a map where it's posible to make many variations for the CT's and the T's. From the start i had in mind that i should be a map with early agressesion and ways to flank for both sides. The map layout i have taken inspiration from dust2 where it's a middle with possibility of early agression and a A site that is harder to hold than the B site. On the A site i have taken inspiration from De_Cbble and the B site is inspired from De_Train. The theme is going to be an old castle with walls around. Inn the recent years the industry buldings have been built around it. Picture 1 is the A site, 2 is mid and 3 is B. Link to steamcommunity: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=665531042 Looking forward to get some feedback! Hope you enjoy it! Sry for my bad english
  5. Love the designe but it's abit big for my taste.
  6. Bøttn

    [WIP] de_pharaoh

    I like it alot!
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