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  1. Is it in the workshop? Looks very interesting, would be awesome to subscribe.
  2. Anyone else still working on a hostage map?
  3. I updated cs_market v0.15 to v0.16, fixed many things which were wrong on previous playtest. Would it be possible to restart the server and add the new one? There isn't any custom content, radar is working properly.
  4. How to delete my a comment which was posten on my workshop upload thread? I am literally the owner of that workshop iteam and I can't delete any comment, which wasn't made by me... There isn't any trash bin appearing on the comments, just share button or quete.
  5. Hello. I am making a map (soon I will post it or update the old thread :D) and I want to make a video which would make more people interested in this project and help me gather enough high ranked playtesters to do comp testings. So I wanted to ask, to what should I concentrate if my map is in greybox stage (Has different shades of grey, looks clean with some small colour textures to give a better feeling). The length of the video I am planning to do is appr. 5 minutes. Should I start from showing my map and then talk or should I introduce myself, from where i got the inspiration (do almost like a build-up) and only after that show my level?
  6. Hello everyone. I just spent an hour on this puzzle and still can't solve it. Why if I manage to do a nice reflection from one angle it becomes way too unrealistic from a distance? And nothing helps, even marking distant cubemaps specifically on that ramp face, it still doesn't effect anything. Does anyone have experience on the best way to deal with it? (Not even mentioning, how it managed to reflect the sky light through the arch... VALVE, pls add real-time reflections...)
  7. If I am still in graybox stage and one part of my map is on a hill and I want my map to be accepted for mapcore playtesting, should I make it simple from normal brushes or do I have to use displacements (even though I will later on try to do them with 3d modelling program)?
  8. CS:CZ deleted scenes in cs:go dream
  9. Hello. I can't find any tutorials with the thing I need to do here. So I want to ask Is there a way to make a proper arch while it's on different height? I made an arch, lined it up with the grid, extended and I have used vertex tool to move the end of it a bit higher. I ended up with a nice looking arch, but having distortions. Any better way to do it in hammer?
  10. So that means if I want my map to reach valve, I will need to make models with fully payed version of maya or 3ds max? Being stuck with gimp and blender sounds awfully, but it seems I won't have any other option. Unless, I could try to use student's licence and when I will learn to fully use the program, I could buy MAYA LT and remake all the models with that program in one month so it would be all legit. Do you think it would work? So you're saying one of the biggest gaming company won't check how an amateur made those models or textures more in depth to avoid getting sued?
  11. And if I will make all models for my level with student's license modeling program, will valve be able to add my level to the next operation (a.k.a. buy the map from me)?
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