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  1. Pumbliss

    [WIP] de_monaco

    To start out, the layout of this map is very creative for clover and in fact probably the best clover I've seen I could name pros for hours on this map, but currently it's even in gray wall, so I'll just go over kinda iffy things in my eyes: Currently the skybox is vertigo, and I know you're probably gonna change it, but if you weren't, make sure you do because it can cause weird things on glass. There are a lot of boosts out of the map that I'm certain you intend to clip out, but some of them should at least partially stay. This boost here on long A should be boostable up to the window frame but not any higher so that it's a nice angle against pushing CTs but not quite an overpowered out of map area. This car on A site could be a great AWPing angle, however it currently takes three body shots to kill. I recommend you make it slightly more bangable, and allow the car to only take two shots to the body with the AWP, 3 with the scout. At B site there aren't any good plant positions for terrorists, all positions are shown to CT, consider extending site maybe just a little to provide a small corner for terrorists to not be at risk for the 5 seconds. The opposite occurs at A site, where all plant positions are over-covered, consider shortening the wooden board on the path to the side of the site to allow easier view of heads of planters.
  2. Pumbliss

    Valley [CSGO]

    The map looks amazing, besides a cartoony feel in T-Spawn. Pros: Great modern feel, bringing the correct textures to fit era. Fast and smooth play with good corners/angles. Sensical fashion and navigation creation. Cons: (I don't want to sound like a broken record; this map has many small corners that are flawed, so I'll mention more general flaws) A site breakable windows shouldn't all shatter at once, to make visability hard, more tactical. Many boring areas outside of the map that cause players to be less interested in the design of the level. Boring potential: spawns have not many paths/features, not many boosts, and not many practicable jumps.
  3. For a start, this is really good! Pros: Really accurate modern design. Small yet keeps up somewhat complex layout, takes some skill to master, very fond of shaping. Really great boost/advantageous areas, overall balanced. Super good for 3v3 play, unlike most other hostage maps. Cons: Un-openable glass doors. Unfitting artwork/graffiti. Unachievable roof near balcony, causes confusion, could be very strong position for use. Unfitting models (some modern and some old). Besides those gripes, this map is really shaping up! Super pretty!
  4. Pumbliss


    So far, this map is looking really good! A couple of changes that I'd like to see, moreso as reccomendations than "this must me done". : - Right next to area 9 there's a snipers nest that I think could be used in the map well. Giving a sunroof that's poppable in one throw could allow easy and useful smokes to block out the position, or just throwing one across as you pass could help cancel its power. - Have small ledges on the rocks around the entries to A and B to peek over the walls. I'd like these because it allows peeks into other positions just via knowing the map well, and not needing a teammate. - Make ALL sunroofs one-nadable. The roof above B is not grenadable in one nade, throwing off the rest of them and confusing newer players. In my opinion, it's not worth ruining the balance of the sunroof aspect of the map to include that, and it only costs $100 to weaken to poping, or $150 to pop completely via decoys. - Rename the paths completely. As this seems like it's tring to be a fancier lab similar to a season feel, having a spray-painted A and B are quite peculiar. Instead, I think completely renaming the areas would be better, such as sectors A and B, with A being a more computer-y, science-y, and lab-y area bringing labs or offices behind glass and generally more computers/monitors. B could be the generator/mechanical area with more complex and interesting models. Besides those reccomendations, this map looks really good, especially for a white wall. I'd definately like to be able to contact you about this map, so if you're interested in that I'd love a PM to be able to add you on steam or whatever and talk to you a little more. Good luck in the future, you won't need it, this is going the right direction! - Pumbliss
  5. Pumbliss


    if the storyboard is nailed down, I'd love playing this map. The attention to detail in ride mechanisms, sizes, and physics calculations is off the wall.s
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