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  1. Bombsite A comin along decently. Still gotta fix the pond to make it an actual pond instead of a big puddle lol.
  2. I've never had this problem, to my knowledge. I have, however, had entire func_detail staircases and the like disappear unless in a certain position.
  3. jUST_RUSH


    Thank you ! Might give a better sense of the routes There's a decent amount of height variation that, despite my mediocre efforts, aren't represented here, so keep that in mind. This is the jist of it, though.
  4. jUST_RUSH


    So it's been about 4 months since I posted anything, and the map has seen about 60 iterations big enough for me to call it something new, so here's a layout. It's not finished enough even to put it on the workshop yet, but soon enough. I only now am solidifying the layout, but everything is super tentative. Mostly big ideas boxed out everywhere. Most non-stock props and textures are also stolen til I get the motivation to make some of my own (not too much Japanese content floating around). So here it is, my horrible screenshot and photoshop skills in action; it's pretty accurate as of now: And again, everything is an idea so far, so if you see any glaring issues, I'm sure I'm working on a fix already. Thanks for your time! Here are a couple screens of the main areas too while I'm at it: B Site (CT-side Mid entrance on the far left, T side entrance (ramp), T entrance (balcony) and screen is taken from above a CT entrance) T Spawn facing B route (left) and mid/T main (right) A Site from a CT route facing T entrances (boards/window is breakable) Mid from T side (prop_dynamic breaks into B ramp, far is CT entrance, and there's an underpass underneath the metal) UPDATE: A better look at A from a non-playable area: And the main T route to A, kind of a staging area. That random metal thing is an idea for Ts to trick jump and get a risky view of the far site at posted up CTs (can't see the meat of the bombsite from it though)
  5. Love the lighting in the third screen. Lookin good!
  6. This looks really fun!
  7. It's amazing how much of the story these graffiti can tell, especially this one. Detail is underrated.
  8. Finally packed it correctly, so if there was anyone having problems with glitches and such because of my idiocy in forgetting to pack the BSP, here it is. Thanks to those who subbed! And lmk if there are still issues.
  9. Awesome setting! Best of luck. Looking forward to more screens! I'm stuck on my entire B and mid side so hopefully mappers block isn't contagious
  10. What is the name and setting of this map? Looking like a great greybox so far!
  11. moar moar changes. boring pagoda now a little better.
  12. Finally made a decent release. Screens here, enjoy:
  13. I work at an afterschool program while I'm in school so I have a lot of time on my hands during the summer if I don't get a second job lol Thank you for the kind words!
  14. some progress on my arms race map
  15. Some progress! Trying to find a balance between detail and function in such a small map. feels cluttered already. Thanks again for the feedback!
  16. Lol yeah, it was supposed to be an aim map, but I had fun on arms race so i enabled it on workshop lol. Still working on detailing it so it's not so unimpressive.
  17. Just posted this in release; here are a couple screens from new Arms Race map, ar_shiro. Quick map while taking a break from my de_shiro, keeping the theme.
  18. Simple symmetrical arms race map set in a samurai village with a pagoda in the middle. Obvious reflection issues (if my cubemaps build correctly) on some textures, but whatever lol, good enough. Just a break from my de_shiro map, staying in theme. Link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=699076933
  19. This is absolutely stunning. The roofs look great, the lighting, all the detailing. Great job!
  20. Just an aim map. Kinda long, kinda bad, but I just wanted to see if I could get a little more traffic on it. I didn't pack any custom cfg with it, so play it with competitive I guess. I have a cfg for all aim maps that I use personally but I could make one if it'd be better. I put AKs on the floor so you'll always have one on spawn anyway, and I like armor on AK maps so a well-placed HS will kill, but spraying will require some good control. Anyway, here is my link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=687820496 And some pictures:
  21. jUST_RUSH


    Just a couple more screens in my native 1440p resolution with all settings cranked (I play 1280x960 stretched on a Swift @ 120Hz ULMB with most settings maxed or high). I'm leaning toward not going with this idea, but it sure is pretty nice if I do say so myself. It's a tad cluttered, as you can see in most of the pics, especially the fourth one. Might tweak and keep it and unclutter the site by resizing or taking out completely the gigantic torii. But I'll probably going to just clip the bottom of the pond so it's flat, and so the bomb won't get lost or at least will be able to be spotted by its light (at a certain depth, the light doesn't shine through). I'd also tweak the displacements to satisfy gameplay imbalances and to make the clipped floor a little more seamless. Here ya go:
  22. jUST_RUSH


    I should also add, the pagoda's roofs at B are all displacements. I did the same vertex manipulation, then "raised to"'d the joining edges to give it a more authentic curve. I wish I could do all the roofs like that; it resembles the curves a lot more imo.
  23. jUST_RUSH


    Thanks! I'll get on it when I get home later for sure. Thank you! And yup, they're clipped off already. The roofs are just brushes jutting out on each side side and vertex manipulated, with a smaller, less step brush as it goes down to the side (I hope that's understandable). And the hipped-and-gabled (irimoya) roofs have four sides instead of two, vertex aligned from the top down view. Like so : Now to get on it with Blender so I don't have a billion tiny func_details cluttering up my screen lol.
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