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  1. Hey, everybody. I would like to present you my mini-game, who wants to kill the time, when you are bored and have nothing better to do. I tried to make it handy and dynamic, I hope, I did it. Google play link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.GoldenEternity.CatchColorStars Short link – https://goo.gl/zJ9bRb QR code: Who downloaded the game anyway, please leave me a feedback if you won’t be hard. Here are the questions I want to know: 1. Was the game control quite handy? 2. Did you get easily what do you need for playing? 3. Is it better to cut the number of advertising? 4. Did you find errors in the game? Description of the game: Catch Color Stars is a simple way to have fun, when you have nothing to do or are bored. The features of the game: 1. Comfortable and easy control 2. Three types of ratings for players 3. Original and infinite gameplay 4. Minimalist and modern graphics 5. Free download 6. The device requirements are minimal 7. The game is easy to understand and requires no special skills How to play: To beat a record, catch the colored stars using the blocks that are on the sides of the screen. If the block’s color does not match the star’s one, you will have to restart. Beware the black star, if a block touches it once - the game will end. What a hell! I almost forgot! You can only lose four stars, if you lose more - game over. I do not believe! Do you think the game is very easy? I would like to tell you that it is not so easy! Every second, the game will become increasingly difficult, the stars will fly faster and appear unexpectedly, so get ready for an exciting game. Game options: 1. Train your reactions and agility 2. Occupy the first place in the ranking 3. You may share the result with your friends the way you like 4. Play using different colors 5. Meet all kinds of stars 6. Finally, spend your free time in a joyful and interesting way If you want to help the game you can do the following: 1. Download and rate it. 2. Share with your friends 3. Write down about it in your social networks Thank you all for your attention. Screenshots from the game:
  2. Hello everyone. I would like to tell you on this forum about my Android game, which have been made by me and my friend, but I haven't found any suitable thread. Help me please, where I can create a topic with game presentation so it won't look like spam. P. S. Just want to notice, that's a game to kill a time (5-10 minutes) when you are bored abd have nothing to do. Game has no budget, but made with love and zeal.
  3. Does the game of word search genre need the plot?
  4. Optimized apk size from 130mb to 39mb. Added TextureCompressor script.
  5. What would you like to update in the template?
  6. Shooter Skills Icon Pack Shooter skills icon pack contains 30 icons for your game. This pack is perfect for your first person shooter or action with third person point of view, because it has a great set of icons for different situations specifically for those genres. Pack will be updated and you will receive updates for free. Skill icons are 256 by 256 pixels size. If you have any suggestions on this asset, please contact us by e-mail Oncoming updates: - adding 20 more skills. Store links: Asset store
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