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  1. This deserves it's own thread! I expanded on this by making a template for Substance Designer to be used with the Source Shader. Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/dvkakn8mlij5qlu/SourceEngineSubstanceTemplate.7z?dl=0 Instructions on how to set up are on the read me file I also made a Base Source Material node. You can use this node to get up and running the source shader for quick results, then later on plug in custom maps for env mask, and specularity (Phong). You can also work with height map and then the node will get the normal map. Example Node. To
  2. Haha yeah! I kinda use them right now as the default cover/block item.
  3. Wow! This looks awesome! Can't wait to play it! Bets of luck man!
  4. So it has been over a month, and i thought it is time to update you guys. We had a playtest from Mapcore last Thursday, it went well I think. It was fun and besides some minor issues, I think it was a good test that brought out some issues with the map which I have been working on. There are quite many changes and I don't have time to go through all of them in detail, but if you guys have questions, please ask. T Spawn. I spent quite some time with T Spawn, blocking out some visuals I had in mind. Still some work to do, like the restiveness bushes but I think it helps out to tell the sto
  5. For CSGO, I am using 3ds Max, simply because of Wall Worm. I wouldn't be doing CSGO maps if Wall Worm didn't exist. The issue here is the licensing, I could afford a static license, but if you can;t, then use the student version. Learn it, and once you can afford it, get the full license. That's the Autodesk strategy, they give their software free to students, and when they become professionals, they pay their full licenses. Buy photoshop, is not that expensive, 10 bucks a month and it's very much worth it, everyone uses it. I used Gimp early on, but never really catch up. When I bough ph
  6. Hello guys! The indoor water park AquaBlast has received a bomb threat from a terrorist group. On my previous map, I couldn't get to do any water attractions, so for the past few weeks I have been having an itch for making water slides. So I started working on this project for the past weeks and a half. The map is still a very heavy work in progress. And currently have a layout which I hope to playtest soon, as well as working on a few water slides, to get an idea of how much work and time making the water slides will take. I made the map with an idea in my head of what each area wil
  7. Looks sweet! And sounds very interesting! Can;t wait to try it!
  8. I used substance Designer during the creation of my map. @Yanzl can probably provide better info, but from what I gathered during these past 8 months. For source you create the diffuse and noprmal maps. You can create specs, but thoe are a bit tricker to get into , as model and bsp shaders work differently. Here is some info on Wall Worm about specular maps. http://dev.wallworm.com/topic/34/alpha_spec.html What I did was to create a normal shader, so diffsue, normal, specularity and glossyness. I could be wrong, but fiddling with the levels and grey values for textures got me the re
  9. Motanum


    Roaring Peaks just received a bomb threat to it's upcoming attraction Pharaoh's Curse. I am a bit late on uploading here, but I was busy doing some tweaks and thinking how I wanted to approach this post mortem. For now, I made a timelapse video which I hope you will enjoy. I plan on doing a blog during the week, if I get time while watching Dota's International. I also can do a longer timelapse video, with commentary highlighting the changes specifically that you see in the video. Could be interesting but I am not sure if there would be an interest for that. Let me know. Since releas
  10. Motanum

    [WIP] de_pharaoh

    I solved those 2 issues. I changed the color scheme and reduce the saturation values on Behind the Scenes areas. Images Below I plan to post a blog later today. I have also yet to do work on clips, though I have notes of some issues that people told me about. Thanks for the feedback guys!
  11. Motanum

    De_forlorn WIP

    Looks great Some issues I have are the follwoing: The cliff texture looks odd. Very noisy and the colors I don't buy. Reduce the blacks I suggest and change the whites for a more orange color maybe. Second, this texture here: It looks a bit low ress compared to the rest. The shadows of it are also wrong. Notice how the sun cast a shadow from left to right, yet the line is lighted first, then the shadow, this gives the illusion of it being coming out, rather than being pushed in. I am guessing it's intended to be pushed in. I suggest that you flip the
  12. So, anyone actually seen it? I know I haven't due to low reviews, and there being other better stuff to watch.
  13. Motanum

    [WIP] de_pharaoh

    Hey guys! Pharaoh is now available! Please enjoy! Subscribe and don't forget to rate! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=719528723 Thanks for all the feedback. As for the map, I am willing to do modifications based on feedback from the bigger community. However, it will be at least a month (Unless something urgent requires fixing), as it takes a while to compile and make sure it's ready for publish. As well as given that I am going away for holidays on the 16th, and come back on the 25th! 10 days away from my PC! Anyways, I am gonna think about what the
  14. For commercial projects? No. In between Valve's games (From HL2EP2 to CSGO, and from CSGo to Portal 2, and from Portal 2 to L4D2, etc) they don't care as far as I know. From a Valve game to say, a UE4 project, then it's getting more grey.
  15. Motanum

    [WIP] de_pharaoh

    Hey guys! So de_pharaoh is almost ready for release! You can reed the full blog post. It's quite long this time, hope you will enjoy it. I looked at the post above me. the optimization one, as well as the other suggestions. Thought about it and I have an update. On the optimization area, the map does better now. Some changes the the layout to improve optimization as well as skybox optimization, as that was the biggest contributing factor to low fps. Now with a 770 GTX, pretty much all CSGO settings on high or highest, I get 200 fps on T spawn, which was is I think the heaviest part o
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