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  1. It's short, but you nailed the pacing. Definitely one of the best recent HL2 mods.
  2. Ughh, I really cant pick one map. I would go for these: Half-Life 1 : Crossfire Half-Life 2 : Runoff Counter-Strike : de_office, de_dust and de_season Unreal Tournament : Deck, Face and Morpheus Battlefield : Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Operation Metro, Operation Firestorm Quake : Aerowalk, Longest Yard There are probably a bunch of other inspiring maps I can´t think of from the top of my head.
  3. I´m too stupid to optimize, I´ll just stick to making pretty models and textures
  4. Hi Lemurr aka particle god, didn´t expect you here Nice to see that Repercussions is in the spotlight!
  5. Naaah, only necessary for a 3d skybox, this is just the background, I don´t think it can even be animated (correct me if I´m wrong).
  6. Space Engine
  7. It definitely won´t fit a normal CSGO map, but it can surely be used for a somewhat non-serious map (and maps like de_elysium). And you can use it for any other Source engine game, so you could use this in Half-Life, Portal, Black Mesa, TF2, and so on.
  8. Hey guys, I made a simple 1K per side skybox of a Mars-like planet! It´s made for CSGO, but as with most textures, you can use it for any Source engine game. Download it here on GameBanana. Btw, I´m kinda new to this site, can I embed sketchfab 3d previews?
  9. Okay, I´ve used the program for quite a while now and I love it to bits! The UI is sexy and everything works really well. The only thing I dislike is the lack of blend modes for the detail textures. Me and a lot of other people like using the detail texture for ambient occlusion by setting the scale to 1.0 and using the parameter 8 for multiplying. VMT Editor would be perfect if you added that!