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  1. MegaKosan

    WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!

    Dang, that is very pretty.
  2. MegaKosan

    Climbing DOOM's Argent Tower

    Great article! I love the Argent Tower and I think it's one of the better chapters in the game. The only thing that really bugs me about it is how it "closes the door" behind you sometimes. It makes secret hunting that much more annoying.
  3. MegaKosan

    [HL2] DownFall, available on Steam

    It's short, but you nailed the pacing. Definitely one of the best recent HL2 mods.
  4. MegaKosan

    what was your favourite / most inspiring map

    Ughh, I really cant pick one map. I would go for these: Half-Life 1 : Crossfire Half-Life 2 : Runoff Counter-Strike : de_office, de_dust and de_season Unreal Tournament : Deck, Face and Morpheus Battlefield : Strike at Karkand, Gulf of Oman, Operation Metro, Operation Firestorm Quake : Aerowalk, Longest Yard There are probably a bunch of other inspiring maps I can´t think of from the top of my head.
  5. MegaKosan

    Optimizing An Open Map in Source Engine

    I´m too stupid to optimize, I´ll just stick to making pretty models and textures
  6. MegaKosan

    [Portal 2] Repercussions WIP

    Hi Lemurr aka particle god, didn´t expect you here Nice to see that Repercussions is in the spotlight!
  7. MegaKosan

    Mars-like planet skybox

    Naaah, only necessary for a 3d skybox, this is just the background, I don´t think it can even be animated (correct me if I´m wrong).
  8. MegaKosan

    Mars-like planet skybox

    Space Engine
  9. MegaKosan

    Mars-like planet skybox

    It definitely won´t fit a normal CSGO map, but it can surely be used for a somewhat non-serious map (and maps like de_elysium). And you can use it for any other Source engine game, so you could use this in Half-Life, Portal, Black Mesa, TF2, and so on.
  10. MegaKosan

    Mars-like planet skybox

    Hey guys, I made a simple 1K per side skybox of a Mars-like planet! It´s made for CSGO, but as with most textures, you can use it for any Source engine game. Download it here on GameBanana. Btw, I´m kinda new to this site, can I embed sketchfab 3d previews?
  11. MegaKosan

    VMT Editor - fast and simple editor for vmt files

    Okay, I´ve used the program for quite a while now and I love it to bits! The UI is sexy and everything works really well. The only thing I dislike is the lack of blend modes for the detail textures. Me and a lot of other people like using the detail texture for ambient occlusion by setting the scale to 1.0 and using the parameter 8 for multiplying. VMT Editor would be perfect if you added that!