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  1. Jacket

    [CS:GO] Narco

    Narco, a bomb defuse map by Jacket Some of you may remember this little project from some months back. Well it's now more or less complete! The Terrorists have been using an old industrial estate as a front for their latest drug enterprise, but the Counter-Terrorists have discovered the site and are eager to shut it down, along with everyone involved. The Terrorist team must destroy either the old factory or the latest shipment that has yet to ship. Steam Workshop Link Images (more on the workshop): Currently a minor vvis bug at B site causing some background buildings to flicker, fog may need adjustments, some detailing/texture replacements still to do. With thanks to Pilk and everyone who has tested/provided feedback. Custom model by 3dregenerator from tf3dm.com
  2. I wholeheartedly agree, I haven't liked the design of B since I first made it and I'll probably be redesigning it once again in the future when this dissertation is done with.
  3. It's been a busy few days but I'm getting there. Layout might not have been perfect however I'm getting some decent detail practice in.
  4. Started detailing Narco because I'm extremely low on time for the project it was intended for and I can't afford to wait any longer.
  5. Same thing seems to have happened to mine. Unfortunately I timed out after about 5 minutes so didn't manage to get much feedback from gameplay (plus me playing on my laptop was probably ruining balance), although the text chat is still present so I might get some limited use from that. Would there be any issue in me submitting it for Thursday exactly as was (unless there was anything majorly wrong with it)? I wont be able to play but can drag a friend in to play instead and answer any questions he relays to me
  6. Is there room for spectators during the test? I'm at home for Easter so no PC, not sure how my laptop will handle playing CSGO but I'm sure it'd be useful if I was able to turn up to my map even if just spectating.
  7. Jacket

    [WiP][CSGO] de_narco

    Changes made! Moved sites closer Altered both yards A yards roof lowered to give smoke deploy over roof 'Simplified' A's site: added the two fenced off areas to remove hiding spots (less spots to have to check) Made T's path to A longer Removed mid's building at T side Changed mid bridge to pipes and ladder rather than crates to access it Changed the fence at Mid-B connector (next to CT) to be a bit more aesthetically pleasing Removed sightline at A-double door to A site Removed sightline from B balcony to mid door Removed metal sheet on B to prevent easy bomb plant/hide spot Removed pixel-perfect spot on B yard green fences to prevent sight through to connector Clipped pipe bridge at mid for smoother transfers Extended building height at mid to prevent visibility onto A site with boosting Removed small gaps between wooden boards on floor of A-Mid connector Added opaque windows on A-Mid connector Extended fence height at bottom of Mid to prevent sightline Extended doorways at CT-A connector to give a less cramped feel Added an additional panel to the fences around A site to prevent seeing people before they've come around the corner Moved some window props around in squeaky door corridor and B yard to prevent z fighting Screenshots below: As always, feedback appreciated!
  8. Well the new Star Wars wasn't a disaster right? I'm at least filled with a new hope...
  9. My brother's recently got into PC gaming, Magicka and/or Sanctum 2 could make for some fun coop games for me and him if they're up for grabs Just checked my Humble account and I seem to have (although not sure what half of them are): War of the Vikings - Yogscast Helmet Steam Key The Chaos Engine Steam Key Ace of Spades: Battle Builder Awesomenauts Demon Skolldir Skins Awesomenauts Honeydew Skolldir Skin Crysis 2 Maximum Edition Origin Key Mirror's Edge Origin Key Gish Steam Key Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3 - Uprising Origin Key,
  10. Jacket


    It's certainly something different! Really like the theme and colour scheme so far. Any images of the overview/layout?
  11. Jacket

    [WiP][CSGO] de_narco

    Thanks to all who tested and gave feedback. So far my plans are to bring the bomb sites closer together and alter the bridge somewhat (possibly adding a ladder on CT's side rather than crates everywhere) which would make the overview a little more like below. There's a huge space above T spawn I'd be considering to occupy somehow and perhaps a few more geometry changes to be made at the bombsites. Hopefully I can get these changes done and be able to get it tested again this week, though I wont be around so I'll miss the test again :/
  12. I couldn't make it to the playtest on Thursday, will the demo be available?
  13. I've updated my map, hopefully it's fixed the suggested problems in the spreadsheet. Anything I should do besides post in here to get it revalidated?
  14. Jacket

    [WiP][CSGO] de_narco

    'Nother update: Altered the entry points to B from CT's side. The balcony room above B has been complete removed. Also site A's yard has been modified. Hopefully this is at least a step in the right direction for simplifying the layout. Screenshots below:
  15. Also worked fine for me.
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