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  1. Heeey! This is most likely because people tend to post their maps in the 3D section of the forum, and most people look there for csgo maps. This forum is not used that much.
  2. Nohns

    [CS:GO][WIP] De_Cement

    Update #3! Yet another update before the next playtest scheduled for the 23th of April. I changed up Bombsite A again, and made it more fun to play! Also a little bit of detailing in CT-spawn. Workshop has been updated so take a look! Changelog - Reworked A site - Added route to catch rushing CT's - Moved T-spawn to reduce timings to either bombsite - Add a twist to the A-main entrance. Look above for screenshots of Bombsite A Other screenshots!
  3. Nohns

    [CS:GO][WIP] De_Cement

    Thought I would share some screenshots of A site that I remade, and I think it's much better now. So I moved the crane further back, and made the bombsite smaller so it's only on two of the sides. Also a path has been added behind it and you can wrap all the way around. CT spawn entrance has been split up into two. The T-entrance has gotten a little twist on it, to make it easier for T's to check and angle on of the time. Check out all the screenshots to see all the changes! The map is not updated on the workshop yet as this is just a wip update. More screenshots!
  4. Just started on a little bit of detailing in the CT-spawn portion of my map More screenshots!
  5. Nohns

    [CS:GO][WIP] De_Cement

    Thank you for the feedback, to both of you! It really means a lot. Sooo.... I made yet another update before the playtest Yeah so I couldn't help it, but I had a feeling that the connecter still wasn't good enough so i changed it up again. Third time a charm ehh...? Screenshots! Changelog: - The new connecter with a path to CT-spawn to A path. - Fixed the squeeky open time to be twice as fast - Fixed lighting in some areas
  6. Nohns

    [CS:GO][WIP] De_Cement

    Update time! It's time for an update! I have made changes as suggested to A site, and fixed some issue which also was addressed in this thread. Screenshots! Changelog: - Railings on B to mark unaccessible areas - Layout changes on A site: - Introduced squeeky on A site instead of entrance #2 - Removed "gay" spots (Thanks Roald!) - The connecter entrance has been repositioned - Added a bit of roof and a half wall to provide cover - Other small bug fixes The workshop page has been updated, so it's ready for use!
  7. Nohns

    [CS:GO][WIP] De_Cement

    Hey Roald! Woah..! That's sure what I call feedback that rocks! Even including screenshots just shows how much you care about it As I said in a post above, my least favourite site, is bombsite A, as I think It very awkward and not interesting at all. A l o t of things can change there, including the connector which you are also addressing. Talking about the entrances and stuff, all of that will probably change after the playtest. I don't want to do any thing drastic to the level before the playtest. Of course I will probably change some of the smaller things. About the obvious jump spots which is unaccessible places, I was also planing to do that, but with some custom props at a later date, and those will of course be placed. I could maybe place some placeholders for them before the playtest? I think I forgot to mention that the container is containing some sculpture for the entrance part of the building or something like that. At a later state the container will be opened up to show the contents. I have thought about the mid part a bit, about being longer. I came to the conclusion that if i move mid longer back T's would arrive there first, and therefore have the advantage over the CT's. But I could try playing with the thought. The bombsite would probably also have to be moved a bit towards T-spawn if i would move T-spawn even longer back. The mid connector to A, is pretty shit yes, and i think that this is because of the bombsite design being a bit fucked up. I will try to fix up all the little things before the playtest! And again thank you for all the feedback, it's really nice to have something to build from in the future!
  8. Nohns

    [CS:GO][WIP] De_Cement

    Hey! Thanks for the feedback. In the first point of feedback, I assume you mean bombsite A, and I agree with you. It's not that great and i don't know how it's going to play. About bombsite B: Have you tried it in-game? Maybe judging from the screenshots the bombsite can look at bit huge, but I think that it has a perfect scale in-game. The upper part you see on the screenshots from bombsite B are not walkable ofc. and it's only the dark grey textures that is.
  9. Nohns

    [CS:GO][WIP] De_Cement

    The new Oil Office Complex, has fallen victim of an avenging terrorist attack, because of illegal and covered up actions in the Middle Eastern Region. This map is set out in a construction site, which is being attacked by terrorists. Bombsite A's objective is to bomb a flattop crane, to stop the construction work, while bombsite B is the main entrance to the office complex, were you are bomb the newly casted concrete pillars. Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=897505527 Overview: Screenshots: Known issues: - T-Spawn and CT-spawn buy zones might be little bit off.
  10. Nohns

    [CS:GO] Riverside II

    Looks great! Did you update the workshop map?
  11. Orange box pictures from my new map. Only made mid, ct, t and a site though.. http://imgur.com/a/m8bI1
  12. I have uploaded the new version of the map to hte workshop. Check it out if you want to
  13. Yes the mini-map is pretty dark, and that's also something i plan to fix soon. In-game i added more lights so the sewer area is more lit up.
  14. Well, I changed the map to reflect some of the suggestions in the map to this layout: I think this version is a lot better than the old. Rotation times from A -> B (and reverse) is 13-15 seconds. :)
  15. Hi! Thanks for the feedback! Right now apartments are connected with the connecter to B site but i'm gonna changed that based on your feedback Now to your number 2 suggestion: I don't quite understand what mean. Can you maybe try to do an example on a map in the active duty pool? That would be pretty sweet!
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