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    baem123 reacted to Klems in [CS:GO][WIP] de_sanchez   
    I think if you removed the lighting in the upper area, and increased the lights in the lower area (as well as use a lighter floor texture, these are so 2004) this would improve the look a lot. Some spots would be great. I haven't played the map yet so I don't know if the upper area is walkable or not. Usually area that aren't walkable should have less contrast and should be less lit. Here it's the same color/lighting everywhere so nothing really catch the eye. Just my 2 cents.
    The second screen is fine but some more rocks and grass wouldn't hurt I guess. EDIT: also add some leaves under the tree
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    baem123 reacted to jd40 in [CS:GO][WIP] de_sanchez   
    Thanks for testing everyone
    Somebody asked about lighting. Here's some screenshots of what I tried so far

    That last pic is from yesterdays playtest, but I've increased the sun angle a bit since. The reason I chose this over the second pic is shadow advantage for CTs.
    Other changes:
    Breakable window on B short is now not breakable CT spawn had some room for optimization but T is as good as it gets Added some wires hanging throughout the map Fixed bombstuck and floating barrel at mid Fixed some clipping and loose nodraws, hopefully more when I get chat transcript or demo Added glowsticks at the bottom of A site elevator shaft. The last thing to do left is soundscapes.
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    baem123 reacted to Klems in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I made things
    clicky clicky

    I also made an HL2 EP2 map for a and got first place! The next contest begins in 4 days.
    My map is called Zombie Defense, there's already a walkthrough here. And you can download the mod here.

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    baem123 got a reaction from blackdog in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    I didnt wrote off everyones critique.I wrote my thoughts about the map de_canals. Thats all.
    If its not helpful for you i have to live with that.
    Btw there was a question: "I think you're a dummy" 
    Do you mean that im blind, dumb, or both, or something else? Im interested.
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    baem123 reacted to text_fish in [CS:GO][WIP] de_sanchez   
    You could try removing the big red lines, they just seem a bit incongruous with the overall theme. Other than that I think it looks very nice.
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    baem123 reacted to Sjonsson in ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.   
    Today I decided to kill one of my projects. It's been running for too long and I find that making maps for the Unreal Tournament-community doesn't give all that much considering how long time it takes to develop maps. Was planning to replace all flat surfaces with meshes with vertex painting materials, do some proper lighting etc. However, I feel I need to focus my creative efforts on commercial projects and thus I'm killing this one and I won't ressurect it.

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    baem123 reacted to Jenn0_Bing in totally random texture thread   
    Oh man, it's good to see other people here playing with substance. I finally caved and started getting into it a bit over 2 months ago, after eyeing it cautiously from a distance for a while. I think I've developed some kind of addiction now. This is the first one I've finished that I really feel is worth showing off though, everything generated inside Substance Designer.

    It's got a pretty hefty graph. I guess it is essentially 2 substances combined though between the rock and the foliage.

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    baem123 reacted to Steppenwolf in totally random texture thread   
    It's so much fun to make gross substances. Experiment with different input:

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    baem123 reacted to Steppenwolf in totally random texture thread   
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    baem123 reacted to BJA in Quake Champions   
    Closed Beta announcement trailer.
    More info can be found here.
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    baem123 reacted to Thewhaleman in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    From brushes to models! This 3d stuff is neato.

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    baem123 reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Got bored so I've made another scene. 

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    baem123 reacted to Thewhaleman in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    am_chicken complete, I get it, it's a wip thread but creating an entire thread about this?

    Minus a few shadow bugs I'll have to recompile for, it's done
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    baem123 reacted to mr.P in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    been a while since i posted anything here, here are some wips from a sci fi map for tf2, we have played it a lot over at tf2maps.net, a ton of more screens here: http://steamcommunity.com/id/invalidnick/screenshots/
    spawn room

    team connector outside of spawn,


    middle, control point,

    subtle hell area,

    edit, forgot to add the screens...so silly
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    baem123 got a reaction from Radu in POTUS 2016   
    Im no longer sure if Talking Heads' song is about a Psycho Killer or about Trump. Its scary!
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    baem123 reacted to Terri in MapCore CS:GO Playtesting 5.0   
    Hello, back again already!
    I've worked on a feature to generate flowmaps of the playtest. Heres an example on the map De_Aviv

    The intention is to help in the ability to see very clearly the common paths across the map, and high traffic areas such as chokepoints.
    I will be refactoring the code shortly to show off paths direction (colour fading along line), to increase readability!
    This is not available publicly anywhere else, so if you would like one of a previous playtest from the mapcore server, please contact me!
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    baem123 reacted to El Moroes in [CS:GO][WIP] de_arizona (Motel) - Source files available   
    Mmmmh could we say that we're back ? 

    Just for information, we're working on a new playtest version because we changed a bit...a lot...mmmh we changed things ^^
    So, no dates now but it will come.
    An example : this was the parking area.

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    baem123 got a reaction from Vaya in POTUS 2016   
    Im no longer sure if Talking Heads' song is about a Psycho Killer or about Trump. Its scary!
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    baem123 reacted to Squad in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Hmm, it would be the 8th operation.
    Is 8 the new 3 for Valve? 

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    baem123 reacted to maxgiddens in [WIP] de_canaveral   
    I certainly won't tell you what kind of map to make or anything like that, but I want to let you know that TopHattWaffle and I are also building a map with a missile silo in it.
     Here is a Wip shot of the silo.
    Removed screenshot, PM'd OP
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    baem123 reacted to Zonno in Art of browser rpg-tcg "Cradle of Magic"   
    Hello. I post here an art from my team's online rpg-tcg-strategy :]
    Also chek our kickstarter - https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/430797288/cradle-of-magic-3-in-1-online-multiplayer-battle-r?token=fc1ef8eb
    Special q: which suссubus you like more?

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    baem123 reacted to NihiL in [WIP] de_canaveral   
    Hey everybody, thanks for sticking around. I finally had the time to put together a first greybox. Here's a couple screenshots!

    Some timings are still off and there are indeed some very bad sight lines still present (like the one @Goatacus pointed out, thanks) so there's still more to do. Roofs are missing, the map is not going to be open like that obviously.
    Any thoughts?
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    baem123 got a reaction from NihiL in [WIP] de_canaveral   
    Yes, this looks better.

    I dont know if you already wanted to block the view from the higher ground along the red lines? Id suggest it. Otherwise it could get really difficult to hold A.
    Maybe the yellow passage should be a one way passage from "ct spawn" to the "control room". The loss of this blue sniper line could make it easier for Ts.
    Depends on the way youd build it. One option could simply be a catwalk above the orange line in the control room. This catwalk could be connected to theCT spawn
    but not avaiable from the connector. Below the catwalk could be the big display board of the control room. im sure you had your own ideas for this room already.
    imho this is a good 2d layout. we can find more shortcomings in the greybox playtest.
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    baem123 got a reaction from NihiL in [WIP] de_canaveral   
    hes doing it already
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    baem123 got a reaction from NihiL in [WIP] de_canaveral   
    a more realistic option could be a photonic propulsion laser launchpad.
    this technique allows us to push a 100kg unit to mars within some days. and its feasible with the technology we have today.
    nasa video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCDuAiA6kX0
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