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    baem123 reacted to dux in Half-Life Alyx   
    So... It took them 1200 years and cost me 1200 quid but we made it guys. We're back in Half-Life.
    I just played it for about 2-3 hours. Allow me to demonstrate my experience thus far

    Pikcing stuff up:

    Seeing a
    in the street come right over me:

    Just walking around in the world:


    I'll make a more detailed analysis later.
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    baem123 reacted to [HP] in Half-Life Alyx   
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    baem123 reacted to TECHNICKER in Exotic Places CS:GO Mapping Contest 2019   
    What is the definition of "exotic" for this competition?
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    baem123 got a reaction from Interfearance in [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)   
    i agree, this red brick looks weird
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    baem123 got a reaction from slavikov4 in [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)   
    i agree, this red brick looks weird
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    baem123 got a reaction from Roald in [CS:GO] de_highlands (WIP)   
    i agree, this red brick looks weird
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    baem123 got a reaction from catfood in [CSGO] de_ruby   
    Its nearly 2 years since my greybox feedback at page one. Time flies!
    This map seems to be one pinnacle of counterstrike mapping.
    The artwork is really impressive. Every added detail fits to the scene. It's fun to wander around.
    There are 2 things which i dont like;  both are sadly seen on most maps:
    - you can't jump to some places which look like you could go there
    - you can't slide along walls without getting stuck permanently
    Nevertheless this map has to be in the next operation and it will be.
    Thanks catfood for this map!
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    baem123 reacted to grapen in [CS:GO] Chalice (Wingman)   
    I just published 'Chalice' to the workshop, a small Wingman map inspired by a fortification in northen Italy, and a spin-off to my earlier map Scepter. Assets from 7 different maps came together to make this: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1362837520

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    baem123 got a reaction from FMPONE in GRAND PRIZE WINNERS Declared!   
    Glückwunsch jd40, CargoLifter deserves a little spray
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    baem123 reacted to 💚💀 sžαℂⒽг𝐀ᒎ in [WIP] Kantalupa   
    Not wasting your time, here is workshop link and imgur album:
    Please give it some love... and feedback.
    Mostly feedback...
    Also playtest would be great
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    baem123 reacted to Adam108CZ in ATTN: New Map Makers!   
    Review of all 4 final maps by famous CS:GO caster Anders https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UladSKyrdVY
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    baem123 reacted to ZeLzStorm in [RELEASED] - Studio   
    We as a team are so excited to be finally showing off our map "Studio". After a year in Greybox and 5/6 months in art phase, the polished piece.
    You can download and play the map here:
    Steam Workshop
    Below is a spoiler tag showing the beginnings of de_studio and you can follow the rest of the development in this thread too!

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    baem123 got a reaction from FMPONE in Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017   
    good news!
    In the last contest, creators of operation maps weren't allowed to enter. I don't see any rule about this here. So, for example, catfood would be allowed to enter his new nearly completed map "Ruby"? http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=923515349&searchtext=catfood
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    baem123 reacted to Mapcore in Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017   
    Mapcore is now holding a Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Mapping Contest for original 5v5 bomb defusal maps AND hostage-rescue maps, powered by FACEIT!
    Mapcore's Veteran Judges will be joined by CS:GO Guest Experts such as The WarOwl, Moses, Sadokist, DDK, James Bardolph, and Anders Blume!
    How to Enter
    Post a "Work In Progress" thread in Mapcore’s Official Event Forum!
    When you're ready, update your WIP thread with a link to your playable map's Gamebanana.com and/or Steam Workshop page.
    Your thread + playable map constitutes your entry to this contest!
    Submission Deadline
    Your playable map must be entered by NOVEMBER 30, 2017 at midnight Pacific Standard Time (PST). 
    Judging Procedure
    Mapcore Judges
    Puddy -- @puddpuddpudd
    TopHattWaffle -- @TopHattWaffle
    RZL - @RizzToTheIzzle
    Guest Experts
    Anders Blume -- @OnFireAnders
    James Bardolph -- @jamesbardolph
    Daniel "DDK" Kapadia -- @followddk
    Jason "Moses" O'Toole -- @OnFireMoses
    Matthew "Sadokist" Trivett -- @Sadokist
    WarOwl -- @TheWarOwl

    Mapcore will announce Contest Finalists on DECEMBER 10, 2017
    To determine 10 Finalist maps, Mapcore Judges will rate Contest maps according to the following 100 point criteria, with all ratings tallied and given equal weight, and any ties broken by our Guest Experts: 
    40 points: Fun Factor (how well-designed is the map)
    40 points: Visual/Thematic Presentation (how aesthetically sophisticated is the map)
    20 points: Overall Polish (bug-free maps; maps with Soundscapes; maps which run smoothly; other determinations relating to quality)
    Finalist mappers will then have one month to make changes based on community feedback.
    (January 10th deadline to qualify for TOP 4 — submit by 11:59 PM EST)
    Top 4 Contest maps and the Grand Prize Winner will be declared in JANUARY, 2018
    After one month has passed, Mapcore Judges and Guest Experts will rate every finalist map according to the same 100 point criteria above (Fun Factor, Visual/Thematic Presentation, Overall Polish), with all ratings tallied and given equal weight, and ties broken by Puddy.
    Mapcore will then declare the Top 4 Contest maps and our Grand Prize Winner!

    Contest Prizes
    Top 4 Contest Maps receive:
    Eternal Bragging Rights
    A Spotlight on Mapcore for 2 months (linking to each epic WIP thread)
    A Monetary Prize ($5,000 for First place; $3,000 for Second place; $1,500 for Third place; $500 for Fourth place)
    Map added to FACEIT platform for a time, playable for all users!
    **NEW** Special Valve prizes! (CS:GO/Valve merchandise)
    Contest Rules
    Entry into this Contest is free of charge for all. Your entry must be a playable map for the PC version of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Remakes (maps of the same name and design of an existing map released for public download), sequels (e.g. de_dust3), and spiritual successors (new name for an old layout) can NOT be entered. Maps that were under creation prior to the announcement of this Contest can be entered, as long as a complete map version (layout and art) has not been released for public download. Map entries must be submitted to the Steam Workshop and/or Gamebanana.com, as well as the Mapcore WIP forum before the deadline. Map authors are free to share their map on any other websites or services they wish, however the map must remain free to download. Multiple map entries are permitted, however each entry will be judged for its own particular quality. Map entries created by teams are permitted, however entrants will have to agree how to split any prizes awarded prior to prize claim and dispatch. Changes or updates to Workshop maps will not be considered after November 30, 2017 (for Top 10) and January 10, 2018 (for Top 4). Do NOT update your Workshop map after the deadline. Mapcore forum rules must be obeyed. All custom textures, models, etc. must be embedded into the map's .bsp file (FREE TUTORIAL AND TOOL). Assets must also comply with Steam Workshop guidelines. Map authors must be able to accept cash payments. Winners of hardware and physical products will be required to provide a valid shipping address. Judges, Experts, and individuals associated with organizing this contest CANNOT enter nor provide material assistance to map entrants. If a Finalist entry is disqualified due to violation of these rules, all applicable winnings will be directed to the next highest-rated map. Void where prohibited.   
    Contest Eligibility
    1. Participant eligibility: This Contest is open to any individual, or teams of individuals, provided they comply with the following:
    Participants must not be an Employee or Official Staff Member of the “Organizer” (Mapcore) or “Sponsors” (FACEIT). Participants must not have taken part in the preparation, judging, or official announcement of this Contest. Participants must not be a direct relative, spouse, direct employee, romantic partner or business partner of any of the above. 2. Legal Age: This Contest is open to any individuals who meet the above “participant eligibility” criteria. In the event that a participant who has not reached the legal age in his/her state wins one or more prizes, he/she must provide contact details for the legal guardian who will claim the prize(s).
    Prize Disclaimer
    FACEIT will be providing/sponsoring Prize revenue. Mapcore assumes no responsibility.
    And to our INCREDIBLE Sponsor:

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    baem123 reacted to clankill3r in Monthly challenge   
    I think it would be great if we have monthly challenges.
    It could be things that take from a few hours to a weekend.
    It should be mostly about crazy ideas, and making something you normally won't.

    For example
    -a vertical map
    -a surf map
    -one room with exactly 200 props
    -every brush should be a moving entity
    -100 headcrabs
    -no lights, only flashlight
    -a map where you fall down and have to dodge object
    -a basic floor plan, where we stack them later to make one map
    -a map under a 45deg angle
    -a 4 player co-op map
    who's with me?
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    baem123 reacted to catfood in [CSGO] de_ruby   
    Hello Mapcore It's been a while, I've been very busy working on ruby the past couple of months so I thought it was time to re-release a preview of the map to the workshop and give you guys a heads up of whats going on.

    First screenshots:

    A site terrorist entry

    Mid / B-short

    Terrorist spawn

    Back of Mid

    In the screenshot above you can see I've added a extra option / angle where the terrorists can fight over each bombsite I also gave them a extra path to rotate more easily through mid whilst trying to keep the map from becoming over complicated.
    Playing as CT you can still defend and watch all angles if you play two A one mid and two B.

    The reason I made these changes came from the many playtests that were held. A lot of times it seemed that the terrorists got stuck quite easily if the CT's would just smoke the entry paths to the bombsites. I found this became boring real fast and wanted to give the Terrorists a bit more space to work with but that of course won't make them overpowered.

    So I added a few options where the terrorists can work together over small areas near the bombsite where they can win a extra angle or option to fight over the bombsite and not just adding another entry point to the bombsite itself because this would make it unfair and to hard for the CT's to defend.
    There's already been quite a few playtests where I saw the terrorist team working together in theses areas and even if they finally got to the bombsite or not it was great to see how the fights worked out and I'm quite satisfied how the map plays overall right now. The only thing I'm still concerned about right now is the new route near mid this seemed sometimes a bit too much because you also have the upper route you can take from mid.

    I'm gonna stop right here because I don't want this to become a too long didn't read kinda thing. I hope you guys like where the map is heading and might you have any questions or feedback please let me know!

    Link to workshop
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    baem123 reacted to tchick in [CS:GO][WIP] de_yacht (demolition mode)   

    I'm working on a demolition map for the csmapmakers subreddit contest with @Quotingmc and @VIOLATION.
    We have a layout we are happy with and I started making models for it. Here are some screenshots :

    The main reason I'm posting my work is to ask @Yanzl and @'RZL an important question...

    Please, could we use some of your models from Resort? \o/ (I believe it's Yanzl's work :p)

    I'm asking because I'm not a 3D modeler, I can barely use the extrude thing in 3Ds Max, I press the Auto Smooth button and I apply a texture that in most cases I take from the de_nuke files...
    I really like your props, chairs, beds and other hotel stuff you made, it's super cute and clean and I could remake all of that but it would take me months and I don't have that much time to work the map.
    I plan to add some easter eggs in any case, little references to others maps / mappers and I plan to give some "lore" to the map by making a connection with other maps like cs_cruise and some official maps.

    Thank you in advance for your answer, it's ok if it's a "no", in any cases, I like your work guys!
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    baem123 reacted to grapen in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Oh hello.
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    baem123 reacted to will2k in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive   
    Speaking of Canals...
    We already know Valve hates the number "3" and proper customer support/service; we can add to that list: corner hints
    This is CT spawn in "canals"

    Locking the PVS

    Most of the areas around A should not be drawn.
    - Another example from the docks/gondola area near B entrance

    Again, locking the PVS

    The whole canal in B is rendered nearly all the way back

    Areas facing A are also rendered
    A couple of well placed corner hints would eliminate this over-rendering and help shave up some precious frames where it's really dropping in those areas mentioned.
    Valve went for areaportals and occluders aggressively and rightfully (just check r_drawportals and r_visocclusion) which is a good thing for maintaining the fps in check all around, but they neglected the easiest and less costly solution to further reduce the PVS and increase frame rate.
    Map looks visually cool though and the new modular assets are a joy to work with just like the nuke's one before (and not a minute late to fit for my new map's theme )
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    baem123 got a reaction from El Moroes in Random Photo Thread   
    2 old unedited photos

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    baem123 got a reaction from [HP] in Random Photo Thread   
    2 old unedited photos

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    baem123 got a reaction from Vaya in Random Photo Thread   
    2 old unedited photos

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    baem123 reacted to El Moroes in Random Photo Thread   
    And four newzzzz ! 



    Derniers rayons

    Venue du ciel

    And now I'm on Flickr and I've my Facebook page. Don't hesitate to like and share if you like my photos  
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    baem123 reacted to Roald in Random Photo Thread   
    So yeahhh normally I am not such a creepy guy but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.
    This bird was just chilling over here and you know, I was peeking on him with my camera. 

    But then.. there was this moment he realised he was being watched afther I got too close, dam check this startled look on his face.

    Oke so this story went abit different.
    This morning this litle innocent red brest bird flew against the kitchen window. It was pretty sad. He lied there on his side not moving at all. Then thankfully he jumped back on his feet. I tried to give him something to eat, but he just kept staring at it doing nothing. I thought birds like nuts and apples but maybe he was a bad eater? I don't know.... Anyway I think he was in shock of what just happend. So yeah I read some on the internet, what to do? Well he needs warmth.. so I tried to carefully pick him up in my hands to place him on a nice spot in the sun (and to make a nice picture ofcourse xD) But then he flew away on the bench close by in the garden. So yeah he was alright thankfully,so that was good news. I took my camera and made some close ups untill the moment he looked at me with this startled face and shit all over the bench. On that moment I knew that was the last shot of today xD Time to let him chill
    So yeah anyway to be on topic, I guess. The pictures I make do have a high contrast/levels of light and darkness. I like pictures that way but is it too much? The picture below is the same but then used auto color, auto levels and auto contrast. It looks really similair to the original picture. And if u got any more feedback, please help! I am new to this.  

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    baem123 got a reaction from TheOnlyDoubleF in [CS:GO] de_celtic   
    im missing a pillar in the first picture, or is your foundation leading to middle-earth? ^^
    edit: you should post this in "3D"
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