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  1. lynx


    hey there, i tested the current version and have to say, it looks awesome so far! Only 2 little flaws i found: The railing at the CT spawn is clipped off, you cant jump over it i get horrible fps (20% of my normal fps) at the T spawn area when looking at the pipework. but i am sure you can and will fix those issues, after all it is not finished yet
  2. looks good, i hope you fixed the long otation times! when will you update it to the workshop?
  3. Hey there, very cool map! I like the theme and the layout, especially the middle area. I found some issues you might not have noticed. This ladder does look a bit weird to me. Some stairs would make for better gameplay and also look better. This little window is awesome for nades, but it could be abused by people with a scout.(Jumpscouting) This pathway does also look a bit weird. It looks like a river to me, but i dont really have a good idea what you could do there. I also think that you shouldnt be able to plant on the box on B site. There are so many good afterplant situations and i think CTs would have a very hard time retaking the site. Maybe some of the issues are neglible, just some thoughts. Other than that, awesome!
  4. Amazing work! I downloaded it and had a fun time playing the map vs bots. The visuals are amazing, way better than most if not all of the maps made by valve. However, i dont really like the B connector. The room feels very empty and the railing is a bit too narrow for my taste. I preferred the one way dropdown in one of the earlier version as it fits the theme much better in my opinion. I also found a little bug where you can see some foilage disappearing.(I attached some images)
  5. lynx


    Wow, looks great. Just make sure to diversify the colours to make callouts easier. e.g "blue" or "red" are intuitive callouts.
  6. lynx

    [WIP] de_canaveral

    Any news? I'd be interested in a playtest (EU) of the greybox
  7. lynx

    [CS:GO] Legacy

    Visually great, clean and yet beautiful. Layout wise, very interesting, but i think the timings are off in some areas. Especially B site and B halls (Palace or whatever you want to call it) are reached by the Ts too early. I did playtest this map with some friends, and i died everytime i tried to peek B halls. A long is easily defendable by a CT awper and could use some more cover. It also too long to oneshot with a deagle.(orange line) I think this map has lots of potential, but some issues that can e easiliy fixed. I suggest moving T spawn 3-5 seconds back. The stairs behind the T spawn could be the new T spawn. This should fix most off the timing problems and it would be an awesome map.
  8. lynx


    ooooh, yesss! Those new nuke props fit perfectly into the theme
  9. lynx

    De_Assets (wip)

    That layout looks very cool! Something different, i really like that there are little to no 90 degree angles Played it with bots and found it quite fun, but bots arent substitutes for real human players
  10. lynx


    Could we have a map overview or maybe a release for testing? Looks very promising!
  11. maybe i was too harsh, but it was my all time favourite map and i really want a good remake!
  12. I kinda like the new theme and some changes, but I really miss the inside area of the bridge. The map also feels huge compared to the Source version. especially the road/bridge, It almost feels like AWP_piranesi. :/
  13. i really, really like the style of this map. Theme looks great, good mix of long and short range fights. I also find it very cool that you made a video for set smokes/molotovs and added vents for flashes and stuff, could be cool for the playtest
  14. looks great, a lot has changed since the last version. Cant wait to try it out!
  15. I just played a few rounds on it with bots, and i really like the bombsites, the theme and the facts that there are 2 "mids". I only disliked 2 things: the second Mid has little purpose the rotations for the Ts are extremely long i suggest tying the 2 middles together, and give both of them a purpose that Ts and Cts have a reason to take/hold those areas. i also noticed that most of the stairs arent clipped, but this is easy to fix and it isnt the final version anyway. EDIT: i found a boost spot from which you can watch both mids. The fence that seperates the mids should be replaced with some corrugated metal..
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