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  1. congrats to all the winners and everyone who took part!!
  2. Yep onenote is great and free. Slack and discord- for team communication
  3. Post any tools/apps/website you use for productivity. Also post any other useful apps. Here are mine: Toggl - I use this for tracking the time I work on my map. (https://toggl.com/) Wunderlist- Great app for to-do list. Available for PC and mobile devices.(https://www.wunderlist.com/ ) Pocket- Very useful for bookmarking articles and to read it later in phone (works offline). - https://getpocket.com Reeder 3- RSS reader (works offline ) https://itunes.apple.com/in/app/reeder-3/id697846300?mt=8 Feedly - Another RSS reader Newsify- Another RSS reader CamScanner - Useful for scanning documents from phone. https://www.camscanner.com/ Trello- Keep track of your project
  4. Yeah same here. This is the first big map that I'm creating. I learned a lot about various things while working on this project (Time management, level design, hammer editor ). I'm sure my map won't be as good as anyone else but it doesn't matter. I made some good friends and also got a chance to show my map on livestream (in playtesting).That's a really big thing for me. I had so much fun making this map. My college exams are starting from 18th so might not have finished my map at 24th. So although I didn't ask for deadline extension, I really appreciate 1 more month and more playtesting.
  5. @Xanthi Hii thank you for playing my map yesterday (ramelle). I'll follow your tips and change things as you said. And about that ramelle bridge, it was near objective C .
  6. Up for alpha testing. Link here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=795674325 It doesn't look good yet. Will change the textures and few other things in final build. Let me know what you think.
  7. Ramelle Offensive http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=795674325
  8. here is mine: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=795674325 Ramelle (Offensive) game mode Thanks a lot for second playtest. Still many things to change. Will change area of weapon cache completely in final build.
  9. off topic: (I'm new to hammer) So I moved assets(materials and models) from insurgency and csgo by GCFscape(extracting vpk files and moving them to /doi/custom folder) . Now at the time of uploading my map do I have to do any additional thing ? Do I have to pack that models and materials? If yes then how can I do this? If someone can provide link/guide for packing stuff it would be great.
  10. Great. I'll try to finish as much as possible until 3rd. Thanks.
  11. We all can do play test together if everyone is ready(maybe after a week)?
  12. oh sad. Finish it later at least. Your insurgency map "convoy" was great.
  13. So right now I'm creating map for day of infamy mapping contest. I dont have much mapping experience I'm new to this. I got many reference about houses (exterior) however I'm finding it hard to make interior of it. Like where to put stairs in specific building or where that room should be or size of the room and size of house OR how to connect different rooms in house. How/where can I learn more about that ?
  14. Yes. If no enemies are alive then game will end in last objective (Charlie) if all waves are finished.
  15. Yeah good idea. I'm thinking to add something like walk way in river so they can pass(2nd way) and maybe will block the area inside water. Like this: For objective A it'll be a big house or church after very big open area(ground).
  16. Hey thanks a lot. Another one I found is from company of heroes mod Europe at war: http://store.steampowered.com/app/342370/
  17. So I spent many days just to decide the theme and location.Let's hope I can finish it. This will be my first actual (and big) map in hammer editor so I dont know many things about hammer which I'll be learning as well. I've played insurgency a lot and the offensive game mode is same as PUSH game mode in insurgency. Theme The map is set in normandy in river merderet. Ramelle is a name from movie "Saving private ryan" where the last fight was based on. It is a fictional village. Design There'll be a river as shown in movie. Objective C will be on the river based on movie howerver all the other objectives and area are not from movie. Progress So far I've just designed the map in paper and few things inside the editor. Should I keep the name ? Would there be any copyright issued if its based on movie? And Is there any good source/website where I can find reference of houses in normandy in WW2?
  18. So I've created a server for day of infamy. We can test custom map someday. Here are server details. Check your ping it's located in India. Server ip: port: 27015 password:mapcore console command: connect;password mapcore
  19. I have a VPS in which I can host day of infamy server if you guys want? We can play/test together .
  20. oh great!! Count me in! Is there anything we need to do in order to apply or just post map at the end (24th november) ? And can I create map for more than one gamemode ? Thanks to NWI.
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