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  1. Made some progress on my latest fy_map. The skybox texture has been changed and I've increased the ambient value since these two pictures were taken.
  2. Greenhouse from the latest project I'm currently working on. Not sure if the roof should be walk-able though. Could be interesting game play-wise but it comes to me as unrealistic. Edit: Made the glass break on touch and since you are pretty vulnerable standing on the roof I decided to make the roof a playable area. Edit: Added some more pictures, taken in game.
  3. Stairwell with railing and real bad lighting
  4. Im working on a map where I am having a concrete stair next to a building and I want the stair to be covered by a roof sticking out from the building. However I cant find the term for this and thus cant find any good reference pictures. It's like an concrete/metal awning. Something like this but more industrial looking. Preferably east german/soviet looking Anyone having a clue what I'm talking about?
  5. Hi! This is my first post as I'm new to the site. Right now I'm working on a CS aim-map, and I would like to make parts of the map diagonal. The entrance to one building for example. I'm having a struggle finding out how to make this due to the fact that the some vertices always get off grid and this might be complicated to "sew together" with the other parts of the map. Right now I'm building the entrance and corridors in 90 degree angles and then rotate the whole building by 45 degrees. However I don't know if this is the best approach. Thanks!
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