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  1. Hi Minos and thank you so much for the feedback!! I agree that the map need a theme...it's really important The background of the development of this map is rich of many changes along the year. At the beginning this was a map for a competition and it was much much less detailed then todays version and had a different theme. I didn't post the description for the submission in the forum, but basically this is a abandoned aviary (or birdhouse) with a biome inside. I agree with you that there are too many "Architectural/design" elements inside that don't fit with the theme...unfortunately I enjoined more then expected the creation of these assets I will follow your suggestions and try to stay focused, so thanks again!!!
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    hello, I present you my new project! the tone for this map was a fictional abandoned architectural resort, set nearby an undisclosed western city. always wanted to create a little fast paced map. Despite the dimension, I was still able to create some verticality | Game Modes | Deathmatch (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3) Arms Race (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3) Flying Scoutsman (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3) Elimination Mission (1vs1) (2vs2) (3vs3) Custom The map is almost finished and I hope to release it next week
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