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    Awesome!! Glad you found the sol
  2. What if this whole time 3kliks wasn't actually a person but a text-to-speech software developed by Valve
  3. Crossing fingers for ma boi pally D1 was always my favorite in terms of style so I'm glad they're trying to go back to that same vibe! I often hear people say D2 had a great vibe but I always though the series had already lost a bit of its flair even at that point, with the freakin desert and jungle with aztek people blowing darts and enemies turning fluorescent 0,0,255 blue when you chill them, and that one map that floats over a win95 screensaver
  4. Somehow Gamasutra parsed a bit of the documentary as "they're gonna start making movies in the future" which would definitely make sense, I mean Kojima's games are almost movies in a way, they have the passion and talent for it too: https://www.gamasutra.com/view/news/353329/Hideo_Kojima_and_Kojima_Productions_to_start_making_movies.php
  5. Inspiring stuff!! I don't think this game will be my cup of tea but I'll give it a shot, can't deny it's unique which is refreshing
  6. Paid influencers: "it's got excessive violence because they wanna show the stakes of things! " Right. Or more importantly, they want it to make the news. I mean this is obviously intentional, they know violence is shocking and especially right now in our current political climate. At the end of the day this is a AAA game so you know every major decision was made for low-risk financial gain. expect them to roll out the in-game monetization/gamebling/battlepass etc. in just a few weeks. They can't wait for too long, they'll want to roll that out when there's still a lot of active players.
  7. You can always do it for the exercise, practice is always good!!
  8. Who? Srsly though LoL is still one of the biggest games in the scene so I'm sure Riot's renown is gonna help them sell this thing. "The new game from the guys who made LoL" is bound to turn a few heads... Obviously this is an attempt to snatch some of the CSGO market, with the gunplay and the "fixing bugs and preventing cheats is our priority " thing, while also jumping on the near-future hero shooter bandwagon. We'll see if that pans out next year! Well that was a whole lot of PR speech. This just made me realize how much "competitive" is the hottest meaningless impressive-sounding marketable term right now... what does "competitive" even say about a game? That it's multiplayer and there's a winner and loser at the end of a match? Well so is fckin Scrabble then?! Also, loving that bootleg Overwatch theme at the end 2:36 lmao
  9. @Radu Good on them for trying to reassure everybody in a public way like this, but I gotta say their speculations look very optimistic to say the least... Still, crossing fingers and I hope everything goes well for them, including that mobile game they got going!!
  10. Ohh you possessed bloodthirsty suitcase... what in the world will you perpetrate next?
  11. Haha yeah I heard of it that would be a neat time-saver but the URL parameter thing doesn't seem to work anymore... That's probably intentional by YT to make sure we're correctly being advertised at
  12. The thing with their own "not interested" functions is that you don't know how they interpret that under the hood... maybe they apply that to the category as a whole and often you may want to do a more surgical thing. Seriously that extension is really good, you just type in specific strings or names of channels that make trash and BOOM gone. What's funny is that garbage youtube video usually have the same title structure for clickbait, so it's super easy to clean them up. Like if you type in "Fiverr" you remove all the "I paid 5 [job title]s on Fiverr to [task]" glorified ads As another example, if you put in "Minecraft" and "Fortnite" you remove like 75% of the internet Now I wish they add one for audio... like as soon as it picks up the word "subscribe" "bell" or "Patreon", skip ahead 30sec.
  13. Yongyes, but thankfully there's a chrome extension that can solve this
  14. Cool stuff @Vintendi!! Be sure to present an overview or workshop link once you got a solid build, so we can see what the whole thing looks like! Good luck!! Wild guess here, but is it located in Hongya?
  15. What's worrying about this is that it could potentially become a law. That means all digital stores would need to oblige, not just Steam. Then this could get adopted by other countries and become the new standard over time... and no, there's no going against the law Sadly I think this battle will be hard to fight because this thing going through will likely be seen as beneficial by a lot of gamers. Wut I can get my new games for like half the price??? Sign me the f*** in!! Even if it's just in France at first, you can bet your *** people are gonna VPN there with a fake IP address just to save a few bucks. Some already do it with Australia to pick up games early at release day because of time zones...
  16. Soooo is anyone playing? Thoughts? What's the situation with performance? I'm hearing left and right that there's issues...
  17. If this was to happen this would change the face of the industry. This would expedite the transition towards games as a service and force companies to fiercely compete on capturing people's attention and time, since players just getting their hands on the game wouldn't be a credible way to create revenue anymore. If AAA companies didn't have their hand forced into going GAAS enough already, now they would have no other choice other in order to make the game sustainable. Some beloved developers might still be able to rely on their community's good will to buy the game at full price or use other means of monetization, but for most it's gonna be dog eat dog. Either you have all the players either you have none. Full speculation here, but with competition getting more aggressive, you can probably forget about companies letting us share development knowledge publicly (GDC, forums like this one), as this information would then be key in making a game that stands out in this market. Story-driven games and other genres that are at core not endlessly replayable would be forced to adopt a different strategy for recurring payment such as the Telltale episodic approach, or what have you. With lootboxes an other forms of real money gambling already getting restricted/banned, we can likely forget that as a valid strategy in the coming years... so subscriptions -type stuff would definitely be in. I need to spend more time and think about it, but my gut response right now is a big NOOOOOOPE.
  18. Just ran through it real quick and I like it a lot, especially the overlapped areas, and the varied elevations! There's also a good mix of interior/exterior, and areas are already distinguishable without art!! Feels super solid overall, but here's a few things I noticed: omg is this the sweatshop where the Mapcore shirts are made??? Either way, great progress @esspho, I can't wait to see where this goes!!
  19. Looks neat!! Seems like it's going to have some verticaliy too which is awesome! Be sure to drop a workshop link once you got a solid playable version! I say Vatican
  20. My point overall is this: Valve is stuck in a position where they can't just make drastic changes out of the blue, no matter how beneficial it would be. I guess one solution would be to release a new separate iteration of the game, and with it comes those kinds of changes (CSGO 2?? Counter-strike: Origins??) Sorry that metaphor didn't quite land, this is what moving up/down stairs in this game feels like by default What I'm saying is it shouldn't be as shaky as it is, even without clip brushes. When you step on anything there's zero transition between the 2 heights, it's like a binary 1-frame thing. Sorry but as of 2019 that's just really outdated... That's why it feels terrible, and that's why instead of being a subtle polish thing, clip brush slopes are pretty much mandatory in this game. Look at any modern shooter game with decent production value, and you'll see that none of them have that problem (excluding Bethesda games unfortunately, but hey what kind of reputation do these games have for their controls again?) One major side effect is that it reduces our possible choices when it comes to setting. Wanna make any dim moody interior? Nope. Wanna add any subtle rain/fog/atmosphere effect? Nope. Wanna make any exterior setting that takes place at night? Forget it. (I'm exaggerating but you get the idea) To clarify, I'm advocating for fixing bugs that have been glorified over the years, not changing what CS is fundamentally.
  21. Very good progress so far @Roald @Momoderator, happy to see you're starting to get some art in there too!! I ran through it real quick, looks like a solid layout, I really like the bombsites in particular! One thing I'd like to point out, I see a lot of similar 90 degrees corners and corridors with similar width, which feels a bit repetitive. I know visuals are gonna help making them feel different, but I strongly suggest injecting some variety in there early at blockout stage. Some corridors could be tighter, angled while sticking to the grid, have a volume (pillars, what have you) in the middle of them, etc. Some of those corners could have a different shape, like a rounded or 45 degree shape in the corner either by changing the blockout or by using props to create a volume, like vertigo here: Notice how this could totally have been just another 90 degree corner, but instead they made it a lot more unique (I'm strictly talking about the layout, here) Great example from your map: (althought this one has an impact on gameplay because of the cover, and I'm not saying they should all have a thing like that, but you know what I mean...) Again good progress, can't wait to see the next update!!
  22. To be fair I think that like other old+popular games CSGO is in a condition of being held back by a lot old dumb issues and exploits that shouldn't be there anymore but devs can't even fix because purists are gonna riot... Movement is stiff and feels like you got a 2x4 up your ass, player collision snags and sticks to every surface from blades of grass to fckin air molecules, bunny hop, boosting look/feel dumb and were obviously never intended, walking up stairs/sidewalks feels like you're surfing on a plywood in a mosh pit... we wouldn't be here if they addressed this long ago, but now they can't do it without getting backlash so it's a huge risk I don't see them taking. I don't want to disregard the emergent gameplay and "$$$Pro Trixx$$$" that came out of this... but "unintentional" means it's underdesigned, so there's likely work that needs be done. I think there's a fine line between "interesting quirks" that create emergent gameplay and issues that just make the game look/feel shitty. Also from what I've seen, a lot of players like to shit on the rare NEW things they add once in a while, further telling them that they'll get negative backlash if they add any new map/weapon/gamemode in the future, and encouraging them to slow down and take less risk. This sentiment might be related to what I think is another dated issue, that player models don't stand out against most environments. Maps need to be brightly lit and look like a fckin empty art gallery on primer just so people can see that guy walking in front of them... other games employ technique like lighting player models in a different way than the env, adding post-process effects like contour lines, and UI displaying target's name/health and what have you. I'm sure there's a tasteful solution that's possible here, but the slightest change will trigger the **** out of people. BUT THERE'S GUN SKINS!! I CAN HAVE FIRE AND SKULLS ON MY AK!!! 10/10 CANNOT STOP PLAYING edit: I love this game btw but I just think it should be in a much better place by now...
  23. Good progress so far @pylac!! Keep in mind that gameplay should dictate space, not the other way around. Don't constrain your layout to a visual, constrain a visual to your layout
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