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  1. I just tried the version I uploaded to dropbox and it works fine. Any idea what else might have caused it to crash for you, but not for me?
  2. No, I haven't done anything like that. I'm confused by the map not working because it worked for me on a fresh CS:GO install.
  3. Hi, I noticed that my map couldn't be tested yesterday. Is there anything I can do at this point? The map works fine for me, even on a fresh install, so I don't see where the problem could be.
  4. Robinate

    [WIP] de_deposit

    Skylights are a really good idea! Not only would they improve the gameplay, but they would also spice up the lighting a bit. I'm not sure how to best implement them yet, but I'll find a way. Thanks for the idea!
  5. Robinate

    [WIP] de_deposit

    The map is fully enclosed, but I've props in positions that allow you to throw nades around corners. I am still looking for more positions to place air ducts through which you could throw grenades.
  6. Robinate

    [WIP] de_deposit

    Hey MapCore! I've been working on this map for quite a while now (planning, mostly, started in hammer about 2 weeks ago). The map takes place in a large bank building deep in a German city. The Terrorists are trying to access the vault through the floor of the conference building above, or trying to blow open the gold transport vans waiting in the loading dock. Counter-Terrorists spawn in the loading area. Images can be viewed on the Workshop page below: de_deposit Any feedback is greatly appreciated!
  7. Hey MapCore community! My name is Robin and I've been mapping for source for quite some time now, but nothing I have made has seen the light of day yet. I am currently working on a CS:GO map, de_deposit, on which I will probably be doing a test run very soon! I am also in the planning phase of another project, but I'm not yet ready to reveal anything.
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