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  1. [WIP] De_Gorgona

    Thanks for the Tutorial, helped me out quite swell! Minimap and functional Minimap is now in the map as well!
  2. [WIP] De_Gorgona

    Hello Mapcore, I'm working on my first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map named "De_Gorgona". Done whiteboxing, tried some texturing to see what I'm going for and some detailing for the theme throughout the map. Need some feedback on layout and design from you guys now! Walkthrough video: Steam workshop link if you wanna try it yourself http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=712172196 Screenshots from the level: Thanks for checking out my work! / Best Regards Chris
  3. Jerryn Goodwin - Level Designer

    I really like the site, When I first opened up the site I was greeted by your Beauty shot which was amazing. I looked at it for couple of seconds and then proceeded though your "Level design". Nice big shots and I really liked the videos you also had for some of your scenes. Great job with this portfolio! *Thumbs up*