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  1. I just started playing "Armello" on both Mobile (Free) and PC (19 Euro, and theres a sale on Humble bundle currently), I really love the boardgame feeling on the computer (I know theres a Tabletop Simulator, but it didnt feel that well for me )
  2. Thank you blackdog for the feedback, I've edited the main post with the things you've pointed out.
  3. This would be a bit different to The Adventure series for One Piece, I'm really interested in this game! I want it ASAP, I didn't like the Pirate warrior series, because it felt too repetetive, I really liked the Adventure series (Grand adventure, Unlimited Cruise and so on). I always thought that One Piece should get a game like the Naruto Ultimate Storm series (Good combat, good take on the story and so on) but so far, not so much. I love the Anime but the games have been hard to play, though some of the Adventures game are nice (The Spin-off ones with separate story, I haven't played them all though!)
  4. Hello guys at the forum, Today is a big day for me, the Studio I'm working at (Sozap) are relasing their game globally (this is my first commercial release as well, it's quite special to me), so I just wanted to share this with you guys on the forum and I would love to hear from you what you think of the game that I've worked on since January (I've done Mission design and Level design, I've also helped out with various changes on mechanics and menues). We're only eleven people at the studio and two of them aren't even working with the game (Marketing and CEO), so we're only nine Developers working on the game, especally we're a small studio working on a too big project, but we will continue to work on the game even further by bringing more content (New weapons, armors, locations, missions and skins, also a quite asked co-op mode) and hopefully we will also expand the studio with more artists and programmers before the year ends. The game is currently only release on iPad and iPhone, the game is Free-to-play. So what is Armed Heist? Armed Heist is a third person cover-based shooter that lets players take part of a legendary crime spree. Clash with law enforcement and dangerous thugs while robbing banks and other valuable locations, all to increase your reputation as the most infamous criminal in the city. With over 10+ different locations in the city and with multiple jobs for each, no session will ever be the same for maximum replayability. Dive deep into the massive customization system with over 40+ weapons, each with their own modifications and skins, that'll make the weapons truly unique for you. Armed Heist on App Store Love to hear what you guys think of the game / Best Regards Christofer Schenström
  5. ChrisXswe

    [WIP] De_Gorgona

    Thanks for the Tutorial, helped me out quite swell! Minimap and functional Minimap is now in the map as well!
  6. ChrisXswe

    [WIP] De_Gorgona

    Hello Mapcore, I'm working on my first Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map named "De_Gorgona". Done whiteboxing, tried some texturing to see what I'm going for and some detailing for the theme throughout the map. Need some feedback on layout and design from you guys now! Walkthrough video: Steam workshop link if you wanna try it yourself http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=712172196 Screenshots from the level: Thanks for checking out my work! / Best Regards Chris
  7. I really like the site, When I first opened up the site I was greeted by your Beauty shot which was amazing. I looked at it for couple of seconds and then proceeded though your "Level design". Nice big shots and I really liked the videos you also had for some of your scenes. Great job with this portfolio! *Thumbs up*
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