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  1. Thanks mate! I don't know where/when you played it before, but I hope you enjoy the changes I've made .
  2. Hello! My name is Insanity (snaipers96 on this forum). I've been working on de_supply for the past one and a half years. Now, whilst it really is nothing special, and it doesn't look good by any means, I think.. I HOPE that it atleast plays well. Yes, I know I've posted on this forum like.. two times before with this same map, but that was ages ago, and I hope that the shear amount of changes/improvements are a valid excuse for me to share it with you again! I consider Supply to be 'fully released', meaning that I, personally, am quite satisfied with it and I'm ready to leave it like this, should it not require further developement. Now, of course, should there be bugs or should I find inspiration on how to further detail the map and/or improve the layout, I'll definately continue giving this level the love it would need. But that's why I need you to test it for me. Whilst this map has been tested a few times before (granted- a few updates ago), testing with bots for countless hours just doesn't seem that productive (anymore). If you've never played this map- please, try it! You'll make my day, and the mear thought that I might have made someone enjoy something that I've made, would make me feel happy . Now, if you skipped/finished the previous segment, let's go through on what this map has to offer: *a layout that isn't the standart 4 leaf-clover; *map interactability (The gate in "A Main" in openable by pushing/shooting either of the buttons next to the gate); *custom content, that is provided by TopHATTwaffle (realworldtextures materials packs) and my own materials and custom models; *decent performance (by my standarts) for the amount of open skyboxes *and more (I'm just too lazy to remember all of the things ) Imgur Album Workshop page and download Thanks for your time and I really hope you enjoy it! Again, I know that there's lots of room for improvement, so be sure to leave feedback with bugs and suggestions (with a like ) on the workshop page!
  3. Sorry for DP, but map is updated to v4.7
  4. Hello! I've been working on my my de_supply for a year and a month now and I'd like to hear what you think! I know I'm no professional and I know that many of you will think it's really amateur-ish, but I enjoy playing on it. The map is a bomb/defuse map and can hold up to 10v10 (or 15v15, I forgot how much spawn points I put there ) and it features some interactability aswell! So if you see ANY brushwork buttons on the walls, they ARE pressable and they do something. As always, feedback is welcome! Construcrive critisism aswell, but not mindless bashing of just saying 'this is bad' , I've heard that sentance way too often now . Imgur Album Workshop Page Thank you and have a nice day!
  5. (sorry for DP, but I need to bump this thread anyway :') ) I upated the map again: the theme has changed, also added a 3D skybox, lots of more details and gameplay elements. So check the changes out, please ! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=487172748
  6. Ok, so I forgot, that this site existed ;d . But I have made a couple of updates to the map, so if anyone wants, feel free to check out the new version on the map's workshop page!
  7. A small scale defuse map for 5v5 or 10v10 matchmaking. Currently in progress, so things might (and will) change over time (ex: props, paths sounds, textures etc.) The detailing of the map has not begun yet, mostly because I've been working on gameplay/side balancing things. So I would love some feedback and suggestions. WORKSHOP LINK (more screens+download): http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=487172748 Thank YOU!
  8. Hey, can you guys check out my pam I'm working on for the last few months? The detailing is not even started, I have been purely focused on the gameplay balancing, but playing with bots doesn't give me any answers. So can you give me some constructive critisism and feedback? Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=487172748
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