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    Plat reacted to Squad in Offtime   
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    Plat reacted to GrillusRetardus in ITT: Post maps/scenes that never saw the light of the day.   
    An RP map for Garry's mod. It was gonna be a GTA V, Los Santos kinda deal. I never finished it due to lack of skills, Source limitations and inevitable optimization issues.

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    Plat reacted to Vorontsov in CS_Apollo   
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    Plat reacted to Roald in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Working one a new bomb defusal map concept named de_burg (yes another one ). Credits for some of the light settings goes to Cattus which he used on his 'Inferno Dawn' map. 

    More images: https://imgur.com/a/KLn79
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    Plat reacted to maxgiddens in [CS:GO][WIP] de_titan   
    I wanted to post a couple more screens of some areas that are coming along. I'm waiting to lock down a lot of the areas before I run an overlay pass. A lot of these areas are going to pop once they get signage and whatnot, but not until I'm ready to put on my graphics designer hat and knock out a bunch at once.

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    Plat reacted to Vorontsov in The random model thread!   
    Work in progress for cs_apollo

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    Plat reacted to Animal1ty in [Released] Fiorina   
    Some new pics. Still in progress, a lot need to do yet.

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    Plat reacted to Radu in [CS:GO] Voodoo (alpha)   
    A bomb defusal map set in the city of New Orleans. 

    Terrorists are on a mission to cause mayhem in the french quarter.

    This map has been designed as part of a personal 11 days level design challenge. Therefore it is still very much rough around the corners. However, if sufficient people show interest, I will consider bringing it to current operation visual standards.
    Workshop page: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1166508001

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    Plat reacted to will2k in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I've been dabbling with Dying Light Developers Tools/SDK for the past couple of days; brilliant tools. Techland have done a commendable job on the game and the SDK altogether ; respect
    I put together a random scene just to test the SDK and I'm loving it. I'm considering expanding this to a full single player mission.

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    Plat reacted to ics in [TF2] Gravestone   
    This is another Halloween map that i have been working on for this year. Goal for BLU team is to sink a custom payload cart, that carries a big bottle of booze and a chemistry set into the enemys ghastly cauldron, causing an explosion. RED team should preent that from happening. But there is a catch -  round doesnt end to either teams victory no matter how hard they try but they always end up the underworld. There, they have to have a bumper car race to their death or teans victory.
    Couldn't have done this without some help, and the people i worked with were awesome in helping me for making models and effects. Here's few screenshots belowand as always, it's in the Steam Workshop here! I usually don't say this but competition is hard, so vote it out at the workshop, either way is fine, like it or not. Thanks.

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    Plat reacted to ZeLzStorm in [RELEASED] - Studio   
    Studio is back again with our every-other week update.
    The last two weeks, myself and the team have been working hard on optimising the map as well as tweaking smaller areas around the map.
    There isn't a lot to describe the work as of now as it mostly comes down to clipping, optimisation methods and other small elements.
    Showcase video focusing on the progress the map has made so far from initial concept to now:

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    Plat reacted to slavikov4 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    My contest map here http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=939423441
    CT's can pass trought skylight window to get the hostages

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    Plat reacted to Roald in Avalanche   
    I am working on it...  (Decals from Thrill are just placeholders)

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    Plat reacted to Roald in [WIP] de_liccia   
    Based on the screenshots I got some feedback. First of all this scenario is alot like Inferno. How are you going to make your map unique and identical? The structures feel abit flat and blocky. It could use some depth and perhaps some displacements. The light enviorments feels to be way too redish. U should tone it down a bit. The colors u used work nice together and its cool u used displacements for the houses to give them some variation in structures.
    I can be wrong because I haven't playtest this, but based on own experience it wont work that well to have midle and the bombsite openly connected like this. There are so many and long angles. Other then that the layout on the overview looks solid but u gotta playtest it to be able to judge it
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    Plat reacted to Noodle King in Aerospace (Alpha)   
    Well it's been a little while, sorry for the wait! GZ and I have been busy with school and procrastinating, so it's taken us a while to get another update out. Over the last month or so we've been hard at work detailing and sorting out game play issues. I think we can both agree that we are narrowing down on our final layout. 
    No new update is live on the steam workshop just yet, but expect one in the coming days!
    New screenshots and descriptions of our changes:

    A-site after the first art pass. While it may not be super super realistic to a plane, we wanted it to feel open and not feel crowded. In the context of a massive luxury airliner, I think a room this big would be very possible. 

    I guess you can call this "dark." It's a room off to the side of A site that acts as a good spot for CT's to defend from, and a valuable post plant position for the T's. Also, the normal mapping on the carpet texture makes the light gradient look pretty cool

    Opposite to "dark" on A site is the bar area. To the left is where the T's enter from this area. To the right is the small drop down into the main site. Pretty much everything you see in this screenshot is custom content, with the exception of a couple models. Smaller details are still in the works, such as bottles on the bar shelves and clutter around the empty spaces.
    Behind this screenshot is the doorway to the bar area in the picture above. This area is themed to be an "employees only" sort of room. The cooking for the bar is done back here and that sort of stuff. The doorway on the left leads to mid. Id say that this area is pretty much done visually.

    The biggest and probably most important change is that there are now two entries to mid for T's. My hope is that this change balances out the fight for mid a bit, without making it too messy. If this configuration does turn out to be too chaotic, we may need to ditch one of the extra angles that CT's get from mid. 
    It's also very worth mentioning that this layout change required me to shift the whole t spawn area to the left (if you look at it on the radar.) This actually makes the plane more realistic, since the cargo hold and cockpit were previously not lined up. Not really sure how that happened in the first place, but its all good now. Also, the hallway leading down to B from T-spawn has been altered from this change. In my opinion, it looks much better. 

    I'm no expert modeler, but here is the cockpit. I probably scrapped and restarted this 20 times in blender, but the end result looks pretty good in my opinion. It could be way better, but it gets the job done. Note that most of everything featured in this update isn't done visually. This cockpit area will need some work, but the basic idea is there. 
    Finally, I'll show you our progress on B-site. We're still experimenting with textures and such, but the main idea is starting to take shape. Ya know, dingy cargo hold and all. 
    Sorry that none of this is in a spoiler, I couldn't find them in the edit menus. (Were they removed?) Anyways, hope you like the progress we're making and take comfort in the fact that were actually aren't dead, just lazy  Once again, expect to see these changes get pushed to the workshop version in the next couple of days. Tell us what you think, and thanks for reading!
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    Plat reacted to badtRIP in [CS:GO][WIP] de_Noordveld   
    Hello from me  to! I want to show you a small part of our done textured props atm. 
    not all textures are 100%  done can anyone be changed (Feedback its always welcome)

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    Plat reacted to NikiOo in [WIP] De_Glace   
    I made a lot of changes to outside, mainly the CT side and the routes to the bombsites:

     - The route to B now goes along that catwalk above the entrance to the CT Garage.
     - Also I've added another path to A that goes underneath bombsite B, which is relatively new and is still very much W.I.P. 
     - The CT Garage has an upper balcony area which is easily accessed from CT spawn. It provides CTs with a vent passage to Vent room which is right next to the B site and is also the second T entrance to the site through catwalk. CTs also have the choice to drop down into the lower area of the CT Garage, which is a one way drop and they can only get back with a boost.
     - Both bombsites now have 2 entrances for Terrorists but Counter Terrorists can feel safe rotating between the sites unless they give up outside and allow Terrorists to boost into the upper part of CT Garage. 
     - CT Garage allows for quick rotations in between the sites, almost as quick as rotating through CT spawn, so CTs now will have a second route for retaking each of the bombsites without loosing too much time.
     - You can also boost up the Elevator shaft now and you can drop on a small platform and safely get down without 'abusing the source engine surf physics' and risking taking damage.
    I'm starting to set the theme for some indoor areas:

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    Plat reacted to Luigi4518 in [WIP]de_Horizon   
    New update time.
    The first art pass is well underway with just over half the map textured and lightly to moderately detailed. 
    Mid's major focal pieces are now in place and the main bulk of texturing is complete. All that remains is to break up the bland floor slab and finish adding detail props.

    Upper and Lower B Site are texture wise mostly complete, detail work and a fairly hefty lighting pass are the only big ticket items left for this area.

    T Main Entry to B site is the most complete of all the art passed areas. All that's left here is the placement of a few custom props and a final lighting pass.

    T Tunnels to B site have had their first lighting and texture pass but detail props are still lacking.

    That's a wrap for now, next update I plan to have the map at the stage to push a workshop update out with a completed first pass.
    Feedback and criticism welcome.
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    Plat reacted to FMPONE in Mapcore's CS:GO Mapping Contest 2017   

    One additional month added to create something you're proud of!
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    Plat reacted to jd40 in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Some stuff from my contest map

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    Plat reacted to ZeLzStorm in [RELEASED] - Studio   
    Studio is back again with our every-other week update.
    The last two weeks, myself and the team have been hard at work on detailing A SITE as well as finalising CT and T's Art Work.
    From this point on-wards, every two weeks we will be now showing off different art-passes for each location as we draw closer to release / deadline.
    As expected, the areas shown in the images below are still being worked on and are not final. 
    Images of the last two weeks progress:
    FULL IMGUR ALBUM (43 IMAGES): https://imgur.com/a/woeFt

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    Plat reacted to Squad in DE_ORE   
    Pretty much agree with everything that Vaya mentioned.
    Overall the map suffers from readability issues. It's not always clear where the paths are, how many there are, etc. Some examples:
    It's not clear that the bridge with the windows here is an accessible area. I got shot and killed in the back in two consecutive rounds because of this. It's also too difficult to see if anyone is standing behind the windows. Increase brightness behind the windows and remove the windows frames too.

    During the playtest I never noticed that the tunnel on the right is accessible by breaking the wood, only found that out after running around in it later. It doesn't catch any attention, which would be fine if it was only eyecandy. For example, place a light source behind it (closer than the one that you currently have) to draw attention and make the wooden planks stand out more.

    Overall, the map was very enjoyable. I hope you can work out the issues and looking forward to any progress
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    Plat reacted to Lg2K in [CS:GO][WIP] de_Noordveld   
    Detailing update 1
    This weekend I've done a detailing test in one of the areas. (drop room from ct spawn to mid). I hope you guys like the progress.
    Some props will be replaced by our own props (for example the tires).

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    Plat reacted to OrnateBaboon in [CS:GO][WIP] Trailerpark   
    Thanks for comments guys.
    VIOLATION - making things diverse is a challenge. Different colours will come in soon and more variety on the trailers, especially in areas that look too samey.
    Moved onto a new area, and thought I would show the development shots. Some horrid looking stuff in there! Last screen shows the entrances to the site which comes off the swimming pool screenshot.

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    Plat reacted to kikette in Dishonored : Death of the outsider // Curator and ghost town   
    Hello guyz ! I did few screens of my work on the new Dishonored stand alone that I wanted to share with you  If you want to know anything about these screens, as simple as it can be, feel free to ask, it would be a pleasure to answer
    Compared to art station, the following screens are in a much higher resolution (1920*3416 instead of 1920 * 1080) and I apologyze by advance if you get any trouble dowloading them.
    On the following screens, I only did the Buildings (Models and textures). The lighting, the composition and the smaller asset are made by my great colleagues  
    I'll certainly update this topic with new pics when they'll be ready.


    -_-_-_-_ Curator -_-_-_-_-
    Architecture design by Valentin "3dnj" Levilain 





    -_-_-_- Ghost town -_-_-__-_-
    Architecture design by Christophe Lefaure

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