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    Plat reacted to Lizard in Abbey   
    Bunch of new screenshots!

    A route:
    B route:

    CT spawn:

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    Plat reacted to nikkoship in [CS:GO] Arena CTF - Grotto   
    Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I just released a significant update for this map that was rotting away on my computer! I'm working on some new custom game-mode stuff for csgo so I thought it would be a healthy exercise to revisit this and finally finish my update.
    It does many things, all trying to hopefully make the map feel more polished. Mainly I replaced the old game-mode scripts with much better ones, lowered movement speed so you don't feel nauseous and tried to clean up the design of the various pickups on the map.
    I also put alot of effort into trying to "update" the visuals, however it's still a map I started around 2 years ago... so it will probably always look a little amateur compared to some of the recent releases (looking at you de_grind).
    Here it is: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=732528059
    Here are some screens of the revamp:

    Anways, I hope you all get a chance to check it out! Many hours went into this, more than I care to admit. Hopefully this is the last time I press F9 for this one.
    Cookies to whoever finds hurg first 
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    Plat reacted to grapen in de_berth   
    I'm back again with my regular an update. Been working on Berth for about 15 weeks. There's plenty left to do in the art department with some placeholder props to replace and new ones to create, but the map is entirely playable. Currently in the clip shop, release imminent. Once on the workshop I'll continue arting it up. Hope ya dig.

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    Plat reacted to Lefty in de_studio   
    I haven't updated for ages so here I go:
       One thing I've learned is that everything is subject to change for the better so don't fall in love with your first draft. Compare V1 and V3 together and you can tell lots has changed. Not only the layout of the map  but the map's functionality, size of areas, choke points and gameplay styles ect. Playtesting your map is important but, what is more important is how deal with feedback and incorporate it into your map.  Constructive criticism is important for pointing out the flaws of your map that you otherwise would have failed to notice in the first place. Not all feedback though will benefit your map so take everything with a grain of salt. Great video for that Here.
       When I finished with V2's revise I thought it was final and there was't anything I need too improve. After my 2nd playtest I soon realized there was way more to improve upon. The negative outweighed the positive by a lot. Nothing unsalvageable but tons of small issues of the map built up. That's why just looking at V3's layout is way easier to figure out the paths to sites then V2s layout. If your interested in seeing ether playtest I'll post it: -Playtest1 -Playtest2
      biggest lesson learned don't ever create so much dead space in a map that it's literally "dead space". It's been coined the name No Man's Land during a playtest. I love the fact that it shrunk significantly in each version.

    Here is some screenshots of progress.

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    Plat reacted to Flower_Shop_Guy in [CS:GO] SOAT   
    Current version: rc3 Current version file name:  de_soat_rc3 Author: me      DOWNLOAD:
    Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1209173869 GameBanana:  https://gamebanana.com/maps/197803 GameMaps: In the process GoogleDrive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=15dk5xSlKtkC8pYtWRDP4r1E9iSu_taY4 Description:
    This designed mostly as a "casual" for 8x8 - 10x10 players especially, but also can be played 5x5.
    Large and complex bomb defusal map set in Uzbekistan mountains.
    Terrorists are bent on destroying the unstable country economy by attacking one of its major power plant.
    Map overview:
    Larger version

    Ps: Hey, post your feedback and bug report here, this will be very helpful for me, thank you.
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    Plat reacted to Noodle King in Aerospace (Alpha)   
    Well Aerospace is getting close to done! I've been working hard the last few days getting the last things dealt with. All the areas are fully detailed and functional now. No new update is live on the workshop, but that will probably come this weekend, I'll tell you guys when! There's lots to talk about, so lets get started! 

    The final radar image, all polished and pretty. This image has both floors side-by-side for a full look at everything. I'll use this for the workshop page. The biggest changes you'll see are the totally reshaped A-site and the narrowing of B-site. 

    While on the topic of branding and such, here's the new logo! I don't think I've shown the old one on here, but that's probably for the better, it was pretty bad.

    The real meat and potatoes of this update is the redone A-site. Looks a lot more like a plane, doesn't it? The T's enter from behind the camera, while the CT's have entrances on either side of the bar. This design is more asymmetrical, and I think it gives the T's an easier time pushing and holding ground on their way to A. CT's will also have more options on what angles to hold, either being able to choose to push aggressively to mid or staying back and defending the bombsite.

    The area behind the camera from the previous screenshot.

    The new CT spawn! Since I redid A, I also had to redo the CT spawn. The door in the center of the image leads out to A, and there's one identical to it just off to the left. The way down to B can be seen on the right.

    No more dev textures on B finally! I experimented with lots of textures, but most of them were too busy. As you can see on the walls in the back, I've opted for a more simple design. It gives your eyes a place to rest and keeps the map tidy looking. 

    Since A got changed up, I had to remove the side area with the kitchen that connected to the old bar. I liked the look of that area though, and didn't want to scrap it. I found a use for it down on B in this side room. On the door over to the left you can see it works quite nicely.

    It took a while to get this area right. This is the T's path to the lower floor and B. I didn't want to use boring old ladders and I wanted the CT's to have a little more time to get settled on B. 

    The view from the bottom of the last screenshot. The corner at the end leads up to the stairs.

    Found this screenshot in my library. Just thought it would be cool for you all to see how far Aerospace has come
    Overall, Aerospace has been a roller coaster ride of changes and reworks. If I had gotten the layout right the first time I would have been done in July! It's been a great learning experience though, and I'm glad you've all been here for support and suggestions. There will still be things that need improving, but the full release is almost ready. If you find any bugs or things that I could improve on, don't hesitate to comment. Like I said, the updates will go live in a couple days once the final touches are done. Hope you all like it, and have a nice day!
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    Plat reacted to TanookiSuit3 in [RELEASED] - Studio   
    Studio has officially been released! We hope you all enjoy playing the map as much as we enjoyed creating it. You can find a link to Studio here. Please check the very first post of this thread for more information!
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    Plat reacted to Eric_Chocholacek in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Still a long ways to go, but I wanted to share some screenies I gathered from my horror game. (Apologies for the incredibly dark/poor lighting, it was quickly thrown in while I was placing assets so I could get a feel for the environment and is nowhere near final quality) Any feedback will be greatly appreciated! :]

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    Plat reacted to MadsenFK in [CS:GO] [WIP] Woods   
    *ignore this, I tried using one of my old layouts which wasn't a good idea.

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    Plat reacted to Lg2K in [CS:GO][WIP] de_Noordveld   
    Detailing update 3
    A couple of pictures from one of the areas I've detailed last month. (started detailing this area November the 3rd)


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    Plat reacted to Lizard in Abbey   
    Hello everyone!
    Time to post some screenshots

    Still few crucial  pieces are missing but we are looking to run a playtest in next week to get the last piece of feedback.
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    Plat got a reaction from SirK in [CSGO] awp_arcticbase   
    Never thought I'd see the day that I'd have a mapper of your caliber comment on my map, let alone compliment it
    Thank you!!!
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    Plat reacted to Flower_Shop_Guy in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    @nikkoship, Yeah, the "parker" thing is really temporarily, I just did not have enough time to add some of my overlays. :\ (WIP)
    It's already mixed, on these screenshots it's just looks really unobtrusive. 
    Here from other viewer:

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    Plat got a reaction from FMPONE in [CSGO] awp_arcticbase   
    Never thought I'd see the day that I'd have a mapper of your caliber comment on my map, let alone compliment it
    Thank you!!!
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    Plat reacted to Flower_Shop_Guy in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Can't wait to share this with you, guys. 

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    Plat reacted to FMPONE in [CSGO] awp_arcticbase   
    Some pretty cool shapes and details here, keep it up!
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    Plat got a reaction from RA7 in [CSGO] awp_arcticbase   
    Hey guys! Popping in with something a lil different. I made a map designed for a custom awp only gamemode, for an awp only server I play on.
    Its based of an old map, awp_iceworld, but obviously with some sizeable facelifts.
    AWP_ARCTICBASE! [Workshop link]
    Comes with a multileveled radar and a custom gamemode.  And now for screenshots!

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    Plat got a reaction from WAve in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    A custom map for a custom, awp only gamemode: awp_arcticbase
    Obviously a very heavy wip

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    Plat got a reaction from zombi in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    A custom map for a custom, awp only gamemode: awp_arcticbase
    Obviously a very heavy wip

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    Plat reacted to Vorontsov in CS_Apollo   
    Learning Substance Painter, sadly Quixel Suite is not compatible with Mac OSX. But I'm really liking Painter so that's good.

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    Plat reacted to Harry Poster in Tangerine   
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    Plat reacted to Klems in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I made a third map for an HL2:EP2 contest, go download the mod TeleportVille here! http://www.runthinkshootlive.com/posts/teleportville/
    The theme of the contest was teleportation. My map is called The Crab.

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    Plat reacted to Squad in Offtime   
    Potential (angle for) thumbnail candidate?

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    Plat reacted to TanookiSuit3 in [RELEASED] - Studio   
    Studio is back again with our every-other week update.
    The deadline's getting closer and Studio is almost finished. There isn't a whole lot left to complete now and things are shaping up nicely. We've been making refinements to the parts of the map we feel are close to being finished, such as lighting modifications and better prop placement. We also started completing pieces of the map that weren't given as much attention before.
    I've attached some images for you all to check out. Let me know what you think so far.

    The full imgur album can be found here: https://imgur.com/a/2yr6q.
    Thanks for reading.
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    Plat reacted to Harry Poster in Tangerine   
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