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    Plat reacted to Vorontsov in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    I have not posted here for a good while. I'm putting in the effort to learn UE4, so here's what I've been working on. Crits are welcome if you got any.

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    Plat reacted to ElectroSheep in [TF2] Ctf_frosty   
    MEGA BUMP !!!
    I'm not giving up on finishing this project  I want to really polish thi one to the most but I know this won't be played a lot as ctf is not popular and this map is a bit complicated.

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    Plat reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    A wip scene 

    Any suggestions on how to improve it will be appreciated
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    Plat reacted to FMPONE in What I'm Working On   
    It's finally time! SUB-ZERO is released!

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    Plat reacted to Pizza in [CS:GO] Central (Workshop link posted)   
    I've been splitting my time for the past week between working on the layout and learning 3ds Max and Substance Painter which has enabled me to create my first asset for the map:

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    Plat reacted to GrillusRetardus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    An update for my Old western RP map.
    Haven't worked on it for a while because I ran into hard limit issues, Issues I'll have to face at some point. :c

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    Plat reacted to FMPONE in What I'm Working On   
    As part of a 3 day ramp-up to releasing Subzero, today Wingman Killhouse was released.

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    Plat reacted to jd40 in [WIP] de_biome   
    Thanks for the feedback! And also big thanks to everyone organizing this contest, it was fantastic.
    I agree that the cave rocks should be improved. I'll probably make some rock inset models, similar to the ones from hr dust2.
    Now I might as well use this post to share some progress. Haven't got much done since I had finals last month but there's still something.
    Upgrades to the swat van to make it fit Africa better:

    Replaced the last of placeholder brush/displacement dome parts with models, should give a small fps boost and it looks much cleaner.

    Added some construction guide stencil decals to spice up the plaster walls:

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    Plat reacted to FMPONE in What I'm Working On   
    Released a trailer with release date (3/3/2018)
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    Plat reacted to xysdf in [CS:GO] - De_Seed - Final release   
    Hi everyone!

    There is quite some history on this map release since I started it way back in Counter Strike Source years ~2005 (80% complete i would say) but never released it or called it finished. This had a good reason because at that time I got hired for my fist job in the games industry as a character artist which got me fully occupied at that time and further years.
    Now its 2018 and I was searching through my hard drive and wanted to finally release it to the public, but now ported and adjusted to Counter Strike Global Offensive along with some visual improvements.
    At the time of creation I had in mind to make a unique map out of displacement surfaces for non vertical/horizontal gameplay and a simple and quickly memorize able layout. Its focus is on open field battles and gives not too many corners to hide.

    Right now I call it beta2 since there is slightly room for improvement and I need to gather feedback on how it plays and visual & other improvements that could be adjusted/done - Everyone who helps me out on that is highly welcome!
    Click here for my Steam Workshop page.


    More Screenshots
    Known issues by now:
    It does not support multicore-rendering! Turn that off in the graphic setting or you might end up in disappointment. (It might work for some folks out there but my experience is that it crashes the map randomply in the first minutes of gameplay. I don't know who to blame for that...)  
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    Plat reacted to TopHATTwaffle in GRAND PRIZE WINNERS Declared!   
    Hey Yall! Here is a video walking you through it!
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    Plat reacted to FMPONE in GRAND PRIZE WINNERS Declared!   
    At Mapcore, we believe in empowering the mapping community.
    We hold contests in order to reward and encourage mappers on their journey to success, and because we love maps. With an amazing partner in FACEIT, we expected unprecedented participation and enthusiasm from CS:GO mappers, and you all certainly delivered! We want to thank EVERYONE who participated for creating such wonderful levels, especially our Top 10 Finishers!
    It is now our privilege and honor to declare 4 Grand Finalist Maps.
    4th Place
    by Andre Valera, & Jakuza

    Mapcore Spotlight
    Eternal Bragging Rights
    Added to Mapcore's FACEIT Hub
    Special Valve Prize
    Steam Workshop:
    3rd Place
    by ZelZStorm, TanookiSuit3, & Hollandje

    Mapcore Spotlight
    Eternal Bragging Rights
    Added to Mapcore's FACEIT Hub
    Special Valve Prize
    Steam Workshop:
    2nd Place
    by Lizard, & thewhaleman

    Mapcore Spotlight
    Eternal Bragging Rights
    Added to Mapcore's FACEIT Hub
    Special Valve Prize
    Steam Workshop:
    by jd40

    Mapcore Spotlight
    Eternal Bragging Rights
    Added to Mapcore's FACEIT Hub
    Special Valve Prize
    Steam Workshop:
    ~~~Thanks to: our lovely guest judges, FACEIT for their incredible teamwork, and Valve for contributing to our prize pool.
    Last but not least, THANK YOU for making this another special 'Core event!
    "May Hurg guide you..."

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    Plat reacted to Logic in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Maybe things will work out this time.

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    Plat reacted to spa in de_icarus (former de_corp)   
    Final release

    Is nice finally be done (although Im sure there's plenty of mistakes I have to catch). I might make another map at some point with everything I've learned from this process.
    I plan to make a small release later of some of the custom props and textures to share with the community.
    Thanks to everyone who helped! Feel free to comment.
    TopHATTwaffle for realworld textures and tutorials Rick_D for CS_Agency textures and props Skybex for Stadium/Workout texture references and props Shawn Olson and Orvid King for WallWorm Textures.com
    Special Thanks
    Benjamin "Aranha" Thorhauge Roald PvtJelo Horderp Zool JimWood saicho91 duck_ thesammah DeadNiko Mapcore.org Community /r/CSMapMakers Community  
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    Plat reacted to csWaldo in [CS:GO] Dawn   
    The map may look familiar to some of you, as I posted and tested it here a few months ago. Since then I've basically remade the entire map, improving both art and gameplay.
    Inspired by dishonored the map is set in a dystopian, steampunk-ish city split by a large wall, separating the poor and working from the rich and powerful. Fed up with the state of affairs the terrorists try to blow up the power supply and residences of the wealthy.
    The project is mostly for me to improve at mapping and learn to create assets, but I still want to make it the best I can, so any feedback is greatly appreciated.
    More pictures here or over on the workshop page.

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    Plat reacted to Vorontsov in The random model thread!   
    Did an original concept to work on my lack of creative skills

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    Plat reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Started working on a new part of the scene. I took the more of the Catalyst look with this one.
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    Plat reacted to marnamai in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Made a little arena combat map for one of the 72 hour RTSL experimental mapping challenges.

    It ended up pretty fun, try and unlock the secret wave, it gets pretty crazy.

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    Plat reacted to Vorontsov in The random model thread!   
    As DJ Khaled would say, another one. No brakes on this train. More images on artstation

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    Plat reacted to will2k in A NEW HOPE: Will2k's Dying Light Single-player campaign [WIP]   
    I've been away for quite some time (October 2017) and my last post then was about me tinkering with Dying Light Developer Tools. This "tinkering" went from 0 to 100 real quick as I'm now developing a full fledged single player campaign titled " A New Hope".
    I spent around 5 days watching short tutorials videos (around 20, 3-5 min each) from Developer Techland to cover the tools/sdk basics and get me up and running. I then delved into making small test maps for a trial and error approach since I was a fresh newbie with the tools.
    The tools are a blast to use and I can't commend Techland enough for the work they did with the game and the tools.
    Since this is a relatively big campaign, I had to plan and write down the story, map objectives, events, and NPCs on paper as well as lay down the layout and how and where I want the encounters and sequence/fights to happen. The most difficult, yet the most fun and rewarding part was the scripting/programming and quest creation process.
    The map as it is now is about 25-30% complete but perfectly playable and bug-free with 1 full sequential quest in place (I could upload it to the workshop now but I'm not gonna do it
    The final map will hopefully be 3-4 times larger than the current area (which is rather large) and will feature approximately 20-25 minutes of gameplay (numbers not final) in addition to 1 hour+ of world exploration, scavenging, and random events/encounters (the current finished part of the map has around 7-8 minutes of quest gameplay and 30+ minutes of exploration depending on playing style and skills).
    The map features unlockable safehouses with player stash and sleeping/time-forwarding ability as well as day/night cycle adaptation. It also features traders/shops, random events, fights with special infected and humans, ziplines, environmental traps, and plenty of scavenging, looting, and exploration.
    Story-wise, it will see the main protagonist, Kyle Crane, leaving the City for the countryside to search for a specific elusive medicinal herb and bring it back to Dr. Camden who believes it could be the cure to the Harran Virus.
    I don't have a set date yet for the release but I'm working tirelessly on the campaign while in parallel, still learning new things in the tools (still have a lot to cover and learn but the focus now is on cutscenes, animation, interactive dialog among others)
    The tools are awesome to work with; I've put in a little north of 150 hrs so far and only started to scratch below the surface. On a side note, Source engine is slowly becoming a distant memory.
    Now onto the screenshots

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    Plat reacted to Corvus in WIP in WIP, post your level screenshots!   
    Been working on this mirror's edge inspired scene for a little bit. Some critique on the lighting part would be appreciated.
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    Plat reacted to Pizza in [CS:GO] Central (Workshop link posted)   
    So this is my first attempt at making a map for CS:GO, looking for feedback any feedback especially on layout adjustments, I think I've got a pretty good grasp on the theme I'm going for at this point.
    Workshop Link






    More screenshots here.
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    Plat reacted to Vorontsov in The random model thread!   
    Hey guys, a week later and I just finished my latest piece, very happy with this one. Check it out!
    Some details: built and rendered in Modo, completed in a week, texturing is a mix of Substance Painter and native Modo work. Geometry is light weight, boolean'd a lot, making heavy use of the rounded edge shader. 
    Artstation link w/ more images.

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    Plat reacted to Harry Poster in Tangerine   
    "Disaster Update" is out
    Here is the story - Originally supposed to be released on 8th of December but vvis screwed me and in one day I had to redo the whole optimisation system. Now it's even better and for sure I was happy. But then when I tried to PakRat map file somehow got corrupted and made models missing even when I have them in the folder. I realized how to manage that late and map uploaded to workshop with 1.30min after deadline.  Really frustrating, maybe I should move to another program now.
    Anyway, update.
    - Nav file fix
    - Radar_spectate updated
    - Skill jump added
    - Massive displacement pass. Edges are smoother, more details added.
    Models and textures:

    - Holes in 3D

    - Normal doorframe models

    - Modeled roof in souk

    - Roof tile on B

    - Wall tile on B

    Updated areas:
    - A's staging

    - T spawn

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    Plat reacted to The Horse Strangler in [VR] From Other Suns   
    Hey guys, been working on this over at gunfire games for a while and we recently released it last year in november. (#recently)
    We're now allowed to post stuff about it, so I thought it be cool to do a little art dump on it. I didn't specifically make any assets for this game, but did a lot of level design, art passing, lighting, and general composition. FOS is a game shipped on the Oculus, and was my first serious VR title. It was certainly a challenge working with considerably lower budgets (our target frame time is under 9ms I believe per eye).
    FOS is a hybrid rogue like with fps and loot based mechanics. It sees you piloting a ship across the galaxy, and running into random threats and encounters, including being able to board other ships that all are randomly generated and unique. As a result our job was to make a lot of puzzle piece type sections that could fit together, and seem continuous and whole.

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