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    Mehvix got a reaction from Motanum in [WIP] de_pharaoh   
    Looks amazing! The one thing I think that could be improved is optimization. 
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    Mehvix reacted to cashed in [CS:GO] DE_LITE   
    Ladder Room

    CT Spawn update

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    Mehvix got a reaction from lynx in [CS:GO] DE_LITE   
    What ever you do, please don't make it like newke (lots of little things poking out from walls that dont have clipping on them  )
    Also, adding skylights on the ceiling with the combination of smoke stacks in the background would allow easier smokes and flashes, much like in de_season.
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    Mehvix got a reaction from Shibou in [WIP][CS:GO] de_barcelia   
    De_Barcelia is my first shot at a competitive map, I based the layout on a few maps such as Season, Mirage, and Inferno. As for theme, I set in downtown part of Santa Barbra, California. 
    Any feedback/criticism is welcome!
    Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=624776829

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