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  1. Mehvix

    [WIP] de_pharaoh

    Looks amazing! The one thing I think that could be improved is optimization.
  2. Mehvix

    awp_lego_x - WIP

    Perhaps change the skybox from d2
  3. Mehvix

    [CS:GO] de_remont

    Exploding trees are a thing!
  4. Mehvix


    What ever you do, please don't make it like newke (lots of little things poking out from walls that dont have clipping on them ) Also, adding skylights on the ceiling with the combination of smoke stacks in the background would allow easier smokes and flashes, much like in de_season.
  5. Mehvix

    [WIP][CS:GO] de_barcelia

    Added I have opened up the pathway outside A main, and also stretched A connector it is now a bit shorter then the cross on de_dust 2. Also, I started to re-making the entrance to A. As for the texture on A, I have replaced it with a much lighter texture.
  6. Hello! De_Barcelia is my first shot at a competitive map, I based the layout on a few maps such as Season, Mirage, and Inferno. As for theme, I set in downtown part of Santa Barbra, California. Any feedback/criticism is welcome! Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=624776829
  7. I feel like moving ct spawn back to the road because otherwise the Ts only have to watch 2 angles/use a smoke making it difficult to retake. Also try adding skylights to B site, excited to see how this turns out!
  8. Mehvix


    I have my greybox almost finished and am starting to detail. I have a idea of what I want to make it look like (santa barbara) Is their anything that I should keep in mine while detailing? (i.e. don't use to much foilage) Thanks!
  9. Mehvix

    Breakable walls?

    I played Rainbow Six Seige and I loved the amount of detail that went into the walls. Is their any way to do this with source? I tried func_breakable but that didn't really work that well (having a brush disappear after shot a few times doesn't look to well)
  10. Mehvix

    [WIP] de_monaco

    It looks very nice, but for the future try making a greybox map then detail so that if you do mess up somewere you dont have to remake everything, only a few brushes
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